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On two sheets of lovely pink paper, Mary writes home to her folks in blue ink with specific instructions for her laundry and about a lovely letter her sister shared from their Father.


January 15th 1927.

Saturday Morning.

My dearest folks:

Enclosed find my complete schedule. Now you can know wherever I am every hour of the day – just about. Mary has exactly the same schedule except debate and in place of that she’s taking a third history course the first hour in the morning. The varsity debaters were announced day before yesterday and your eldest happened to make the team. Brouwer just came in and we’re both writing specials home. Maybe I’m cold. (^ Bean changed her mind as to what she would say right back there as that sign.) It’s real cold out doors. Every night it snows just a little bit so that when we get up in the wee small hours we have to make

Tracks over to breakfast. My laundry is all ready to send off – and I have some special directions concerning it for you. The “itch” has come back again – however it’s pretty well gone. It just happened this week – and of course I got after it right away. It must have started from clothes that were not completely sterilized. Everything comes in contact with the “bug” must be boiled 20 minutes and I’m afraid some of my bloomers or shirts were not BOILED 20 minutes. In fact I got it have after wearing my green silk bloomers for a few days and I imagine that’s were [sic] it was because you probably didn’t boil them at all. However – they’ll have to be boiled and everything in my laundry except my handkerchief. ^ (and the blue flannel top to my pajamas) – has been in some contact with it this time and must be boiled. It is such a nuisance and I don’t

Want to get it again. So please boil them at least 20 min. The tan bloomers are just dandy. Such a nice color for school. Like them a lot! Was asked to tell a story down at college hall this afternoon but refused because I must study for an English exam. Think you are wise not to send Esther’s box till after exams. I have never seen Esther so radiant over anything as Dad’s last letter. She read it to us yesterday and it’s one the very nicest letter you’ve ever written to any of us – and I’ll tell you now it had effect. She’s going to tell Johnny not to come till after exams. And she

Said she could have cried when she read the letter. Really Father, you can’t imagine how much influence that type of letters would have on Ester – or any of your children for that matter. Heard the mens trial varsity debate last night – on the cancellation question. They have their first real debate next Friday night. And not quite thru the Queen Vic book – and there was no room in my laundry for it so will send it separately about Monday I guess. Our room is all clean now – but it’s cold. Hope you have a pleasant Sunday.

Lovingly Mary Elizabeth

1135Beall Ave




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Wooster, Ohio


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Letter from Mary to Folks - Saturday January 15, 1927



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