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On three large sheets of cream colored stationary, Mary writes in black ink home to her Mother, Father and Esther. She talks about reading and spending time with Mary, and wanting a friend to visit her at school, and that her and Fred will pack Esther’s things to send home as soon as possible. She is disappointed that her schedule changed because she was not able to continue on the Varsity Debate Team.



February 13, 1927

Dear Mother & Father and Esther

It’s a cold stormy night- but hearts have been very happy and sunshiny. Mary is reading out loud from the prophet – It’s beautiful. “Fell off the roof “so I rested all day. Read quite a bit all afternoon from Rev Luccocks book “The Home God Meant” – a beautifully written book. Mary wrote letters while I read a sentence out loud once in a while. We’ve had a beautiful quiet time together.

Lelands sister was operated on for appendicitis yesterday so Leland went home this morning and he isn’t back yet. C.E. tonight was great. Enclosed find the program we gave out tonight to the students. Mary is chairman of the prayre [sic] meeting committee. The Milwaukee delegates are making quite a hit. They speak in chapel this coming Wednesday morning. Mary is speaking about Studdert-Kennedy the chaplin of the King of England – a wonderful man from all reports.

2/ Wrote a letter to Catherine Dreisbach this afternoon. I want her to come up the weekend of the 5th of March. There is going to be college play that week end. Enclosed you will find my last letter from Catherine – you need not send it back. Enclosed also find Aunt Blaunche’s letter and a clipping of interest. My laundry will probably arrive Monday morning – They never delivery things in the afternoon here. Frederick got his Saturday afternoon. I am anxious to see & eat the cookies you so thoughtfully made. Father has my grade card. He put it in the Deans letter and I think he put the Deans letters in his pocket. I must have my grade card. Esther should keep hers also. I think Dad should write the Dean and make them make good the mistake of the conservatory so Esther can get her “A” music credit. I think Dad should do this. Esther should not have to pay for their mistake.

3/ Frederick and I will pack Esthers things as soon as we possibly can. We were down there 4 or 5 days ago to look things over and see what had to be done. Saturday Mary & I were busy preparing for a party Saturday night – a Y.W. – Y.M. group party and we had to go down town ect. We simply could not do the packing Saturday. I think I’ll keep the comfort [sic] alright it’s so nice and warm. Was glad to get your special, Mother and Esthers too the other day. My schedule is all arranged now – with 12 hours of work

5 hours of History

2 hours of Bible

3 hours of English

2 hours of Speech (not the varsity debate course)

= 12 hours

But I have 8 hours of work to make up for my exam after Easter vacation and that’s some job. Varsity Debate is all over for me. Miller was a break and really won his

4/ point – His argument was that I’m taking his course on speech & that what ever come in that course – cannot be denied the student. The committee (all but me – who is the real hitch) – agreed individually [unclear] as a committee their action was a little different. So Miss Roat came to me and said the wisest thing for me to do was to “gracefully withdraw” before too much pressure was put on the committee and things were made more difficult for me. I can see her point but I consider it tricky. So I went to Miller and told him everything – and he was wonderful. He finally decided that the best thing to do would be for me to drop it – of course it is he that has been the real pressure but he said the reason he was willing to dismiss it was that he was afraid that it would be hard for me personally – if he went on thru with it and won his point

5/ As for him – he is not finished even tho my part dismissed – He’s going to see his point through and says if they don’t get his point – the whole affair will involve him personally – He would go to Prexy. He says anytime I am blue I should come over. I’m to sit in on the trial debates anytime I want and be still considered in spirit – a part of them. He certainly has been one grand peach. Anyway its all over now I’m letting it out of my mind and ready to dig – and make good on what I have before me. I must and my spirits are the best they’ve been for a long while. I’m rising above the great disappointment. Sold quite a few Valentines but fewer than other years. Tomorrow is Valentine’s day – Hoorah! Want to read some before I go to bed.

Ditched Bob tonight – He brought me home from the party last night naturally. There was a square Junior dance last Friday evening. We won the craziest Basket Ball game 69-29 Funny

Goodnight Dears

Will you be my Valentines?

Love & Lots




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Letters; College Life; Student activities; Valentine's Day


Wooster, Ohio


Reading, Plays, Varsity Debate Team, grade card, Valentine's Day, junior square dance

Letter from Mary to Mother, Father and Esther -  February 13, 1927



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