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Mary writes to her folks on three large sheets of cream colored paper in blue ink. She talks about the Mary’s family members being sick, having a George Washington themed party, playing her musical saw, the faculty performing Zona Gale’s play “Neighbors “and that she’s preparing to give a speech about “Extra territoriality rights” in China.



Sunday 2:30

Feb 20, 1927

Dear folks:

It’s real cold outside today. Nearly froze last night. Was glad to have Esthers blanket. It snowed and was so windy that we had to cut thru some little drifts this morning in order to get over to breakfast.

Mary received a special from home after dinner. Roy has been very sick for two weeks now. Has had a temperature over 100 all the time. It started with inflammatory rheumatism and he now has pleurisy – besides a cough which is probably his azma. [sic] Bud has been sick too. I guess the folks are pretty discouraged. Mr. Bruwer has some heavy business propositions on now. He is planning a new parlor store on Grand Ave: now called Milwaukee Street.

Would be nice if you would find time to write to Mrs. Brouwer. Mary says she wouldn’t be much surprised at most any news from home about Roy.

This noon Mary and I had a little dinner party. Very simple but real dear. Little hatchets for place cards and cute Geo. Washington nut cups. This is who was there


Scud, Dottie, Buddie, Millie, Kam Sing Sun, Flip Painter Boots and I. We borrowed a little Jerusalem [sic] cherry tree from Mrs. Westhaffer. So it was real Geo. Washingtonified. [sic] They all just left a few minutes ago.

Rev J. G. R. McClure D.D.L.L.D. of McCormick seminary spoke in church this morning. Do you know him father? The Milwaukee delegates spoke in Chapel last Wednesday. The platform was all decorated with little flags of all nations. Mary was the last speaker. She had a fine speech and fine poise but it didn’t get across because her voice didn’t carry.

It is snowing outside now! There is to be another Fellowship hour this evening – at 4:30- Mary and I are both to head different tables and I'm to lead in prayer. Also have to play my saw for Intermediate C.E. this evening. Surely Miss Esther’s [unclear] accompanied [/unclear]. – Mary is going to accompany me – Prof. McDonald is going to speak at Intermediate C.E. this evening.

[3] 2

I think I’ll rest a while. I’m so sleepy. Then I’ll continue this later.

Just came home from C.E. The saw music went fine. She said she (Mary) never heard it sound so lovely. We played a medley of hymns – all in 4 flat

1. Day is Dying in the West

2. In the Garden

3. Open my eyes that I may see

It is simply beautiful outside. The snow is so white and pure – I almost use it in my prayer at C.E. I am eating an apple right now. – one you sent me. We have quite a few left yet.


Mary sends you the above kisses. She made them upside down. I don’t mean that she standing on her head – I mean she drew them upside down. Mary says to tell you she doesn’t know whether to put on a blue dress or not. She doesn’t know whether he (Leland) is coming back this evening. (P.S. – Leland likes her in blue the best [various symbols]

This is a sample of Mary’s handiwork. This weekend has surely been a full one. Whew!


The faculty entertained us last Thursday night – We gave Zona Gale’s play “Neighbors “ – also a fine high class musical program – before the play we had double dates.

Then Friday night the Glee Club gave their annual home concert. Leland had gone home so Frederick took Mary and the 4 of us had a real nice time.

Then last night (Saturday) was a B.B. game with Mt. Union. But we didn’t have dates to that. We lost 27-21. It was a hard game.

Received a long letter from Bennie the other day.

I wish you would tell me definitely what to do about the cedar chest. If Esther is coming back for sure next year then I think the cedar chest ought to be left here – but if she isn’t coming back – it might as well be sent home. I suppose it would be best to be left here.

We have a vacation from Tuesday after chapel to Wednesday after chapel. I think Frederick & I can manage to pack things then – Altho I have so much

[4] 3/

to do. You see I’m coaching a S.V. play – the one I was in last year – and we’re going to practise [sic] Tuesday afternoon. Then Tuesday evening is our annual gum shoe hop.

Doc Lawrence is a big bum. He hasn’t written for ages.

Miller surely has been a brick. I am taking a course under him now. And have a debate to prepare for day on the “Extra territorial rights” in China. Haven’t done a thing yet. It’s sort of complicated, too.

Dr. McDonald gave the most beautiful talk on “Christian Citizenship” in Intermediate C.E this evening. He said that – image your home a state – and your obligations in that home as children – then each blame then if you can not be a good child – you can never be a good citizen.- in order to be a good citizen -start in the home – to learn to obey – -do your duty – be truthful – have courage – be unselfish, etc. It was so simple and beautiful.


We have read some more of Luckach’s [sic] book – “The Home God Meant” this afternoon. - Its so beautiful.

A new week has begun and there is much to accomplish. May we do what we have to do – well.

Love to you all

“Your College Mary”

My Mary sends her love -



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Musical Saw, George Washington, Milwaukee delegates, Zona Gale, Neighbors, Glee Club, Basketball, Extra territoriality rights, Christian Citzenship

Letter from Mary to Folks - Sunday February 20, 1927



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