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In this letter home to her family, Mary writes about how excited she is for her family to visit on Color Day, which is also her birthday. She was very disappointed about not going to the Delta Sigma Rho banquet and she has decided to end her relationship with Bob and is enjoy making menu cards and would like to be able to earn her W.C. letter by going on hikes. This letter is written on 2 sheets of speckled blue College of Wooster stationary in blue ink.



April 18th 1927

Dearest Family:

Easter Sunday is over now, and what a beautiful day it was, too, – not only the weather but the spirit of the day. It was full of new experiences for both Mary and me. We didn’t get up for the Sunrise service. It was real foggy in the earlier part of the morning.

Mother, your letter came this morning. I’m so glad you folks are planning to drive up for Color day. It happens that color day is on my birthday this year – Color day is always on Saturday. However, the color day play is on both Friday and Saturday evenings. I suppose you will want to see the play on Saturday evening – but let us know so we can get the tickets for both the pageant and the play. Prexy usually preaches the sermon on Color day Sunday and – the college has a holiday on the Monday after Color day – so it’s the big occasion of the year and there are thousands of people that come to Wooster for that weekend. I have 2 papers to write before Color day. Both of them I’ve begun.

Last Thursday was a cruel day for me. The Delta Sigma Rho banquet was held at Holden Hall. Prexy was the toastmaster. The plates were $1.25 per so I didn’t go as much as I longed to. I supposed I should have because it’s my big thing at college. – But I didn’t. The kids were presented with their medals – and to think I might have my key now. It was rather disheartening to say the least.

Yesterday afternoon while Mary and Leland were walking out in the country I made two calls all by my lonesome. First I went to see Mrs. Douglas and her 9 days old baby – and she appreciated it so much. Then I went up to Mrs. Vances. – and she and I went for a little walk. She is so dear and I like her so much.

Bob asked for a date in the evening and as I had some things I wanted to say to him so I said I could walk for a half an hour or so. When Bob went to Pittsburgh last week and, he sent me a box of delicious nut choc. And there was a card in it “With Love - Bob”

So on our little walk we had a serious talk. I said that I’d gotten the candy but that I didn’t like the card – and he said, “Didn’t you?” So I told him after he said how much he meant it, ect – that I didn’t think it was fair for me to let things continue as they were if he felt that way because I was sure I never could respond to his love in a way which would be ideal to me. I said that there wasn’t that response in me for him – and that we’d certainly had plenty of time (3 years) to strike the right cords if they were to be struck. But he said it was different with him. He said he’d felt more than ever lately that I didn’t have the same attitude towards him as he had toward me and so the reason he signed the card as he did was he wished an understanding. He said as far as he was concerned he had never really loved anyone else before in the same manner as he did me and that I had seemed to always bring out the best in him. He said he’d get home from dates with me and resolve to be a better man and he said I’d always treated him square – always had been frank and that now that he knew I didn’t have the desired feelings for him. It was up to him to date with other girls so that other fellows would have a chance with me. – Altho [sic] it wasn’t an out and out proposal “will you marry me?” it was a beautiful understanding.

I have never seen Bob when I liked him any better, when he seemed to show forth his very best self. It was simply beautiful but it hurt me dreadfully and probably him worse. I came in and just sobbed – wondered if I had said the right things in the right way. He was so in earnest – and he spoke so directly and lovely – Even tho I admire his attitude extremely, he couldn’t have been more manly about it – still I could see thru it all that matter of factness [sic] that is so characteristic of “Bob" – He wanted to know (at the very last) – Whether I wanted to keep his picture or not – I said if he wanted to keep mine – that I’d keep his – and that we needn’t be so formal about it.

Of course we’re friends – naturally but he knows how I feel about it. – And his attitude didn’t make it as difficult for me as it might have been. For instance he didn’t ask me why I couldn’t love him and that is such a hard answer to make – and I admired him all the more for his silence on that question.

Yesterday morning Andy’s mother popped in from New York. Mary and I knew about it beforehand but it was a surprise to Andy. Mary fixed up the cutest Easter basket for me – and I found it on my bed when I woke up.

She is taking an exam this afternoon – in French. She and Leland had such a beautiful day together yesterday - and she looked lovely. - A new white coat and hat and shoes. She received a doz perfectly beautiful roses from Leland and wore one of them.

Received a nice letter from [unclear] Millon Slauffer. [/unclear] He says “You surely are a hustler, and I know that the debt is going to be removed before another year has by ” ect, ect.

Father must write Mr. Brouwer, now. As soon as he can – Can Ester get off work O.K.

Your missionary work is coming along fine as usual. That photo album idea is a dandy, be sure to send it in to the C.E world.

Am starting some 5 mile hikes tomorrow morning at 5:30 – 4 mornings a week. Horrah! Want to get my W.C. in a little while. So I can wear it next year. Fun!

I’ve got to work hard on my English paper this afternoon. There are packs of things to do – as usual – and I crave – reading and resting. And rather tired of taking notes.

Have had oodles of compliments on my menu cards. They're so cute. On one side is a sketch of the Tea House and on the other are Holly Hocks –

Lots of Love


1135 Beall Ave.

Wooster, Ohio



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Wooster, Ohio


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Letter from Mary to Family - Monday April 18, 1927



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