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In this letter to her folks on pink paper Mary writes about her last first Sunday back at Wooster. She has a room to herself and is working on making it look grand. She had a prayer group in room and is working at the Tea House. She begins writing in blue ink but then switches to black.



September 18’.


Dear folks:

First Sunday at Wooster and my last first Sunday here too. It is good to have a room alone - cause I do just what I want - and go where I want when I want. And my room looks so nice – I am using Mary’s curtains but they are long enough because I set the rod down lower. Then I got drapes & put them over the top and sides. Enclosed find a sample. Bought enough goods (10 yards) for my book cases, table or pillow, and my wash bowl curtain and it looks grand. – oh yes – for over my Rocker and chair too.

Am expecting my little sister (one of them) to come in any time. She is going to stay here until 4:00 and then we are going to vespers together - then supper – then C.E.

Prexy spoke in church this morning – and the choir sang beautifully. Most of the Freshman girls wore their roses. Mary Strubel, our Y.W. president led prayers over at Hoover – during which time the Y.W. cabinet girls took roses to the girls rooms. This is a custom for the Y.W. to do that.

Thelma sang in S.S. – I led in prayer in the co-ed class. Art Romig is president of the class. Art and I are working together on Y cabinets now. We each have College Hall on our own cabinets. That makes 3 very important places where we have position’s side by side. Isn’t that funny?

We had a peach of a reception last night. The whole gym was decorated like a ship. Enclosed find a program. Prexy - and Dean Kelso’s talks were great! It seems impossible that another year has begun, and that it is my last one. It is a big and busy one for me alright. Have the publicity for a World Fellowship week which is to be pulled off here pretty soon – and that is some job. Received Esther’s letter. Mary Lou is staying over at Hoover

With Louise Makay – sort of helping the Freshman for a couple of weeks – Isn’t that nice? My college Fall work is going to be much like D.V.B.S. work. Would there be any chance of my borrowing the D.V.B.S. book from your church? – those Bible stories eh? Could you send it here to me. You need not send my curtains. Am working at the T. House most every noon and on Saturdays. Have earned $2.50 already.

Hope you made the trip alright.

Love Bean.

It is Monday morning and my room is [unclear] straightened [/unclear] up and I am ready to share my devotions – then study. Last nite we had our first prayer group in our room – a wonderful group – on “prayer” [unclear]

Arlene Bryant

Louise Irvin


Mary Sentifil

Till Houtzjourder

Adele Jocat

Thelma Church

Kam Sing





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Wooster, Ohio


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Letter from Mary to Folks - Sunday September 18, 1927



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