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On two sheets of College of Wooster stationary in blue ink Mary writes to her Mother and Father about how she’s spending time with Fred, turned down a date with Bob and that her Thanksgiving was peaceful and quiet. She also admits to struggling with her mid semester grades. Receiving two D- and an incomplete.


Friday Evening

6:10 – after supper.

Dear Mother and Father,

It has been raining today. It is getting colder now and also blowing real hard outside. Had a pretty good supper tonight. Frederick waited table [sic] down stairs.

Thanksgiving yesterday was such a peaceful quiet day. There were only 3 of us in the house all day even Mrs. Rankin was gone – We made toast in our room here and then went to services at 9:30. Prexy spoke - and the choir sang. Then after services Fred came home with me and then we four drove down town in Leland’s car to send the telegram.

Had dinner at 1:00 and such a wonderful dinner as it was – five courses – all formal service – Rah! Rah! Rah!

Yesterday afternoon we sung and played for a while – then when Leland came – Mary & he went for a walk out in the country - and then I wrote my diary and sort of rested.

In the evening Bob had asked me for a date but I told him Fred and I wanted to be together for a while – as we hadn’t – much this year – so Bean did not have a date with Bob – Andy Anderson went with us to the show. The show was dear – and we had such a nice time. Leland and Mary had the whole house to themselves Hot Dog! Cute?

Have just bushels of studying to do this week-end. More fun! We have weekly tests in Spanish every Tuesday – and such tests. Am awfully discouraged with my Spanish. Our prof is simply hapless – she started out alright and my first test grade was 85 and my daily work was almost perfect but she kept piling up work until now I don’t where I am – hardly

in fact got D- on my mid-semester grade and of course those grades down [sic] go down on permanent record but nevertheless all my grades this mid-semester mean work harder than ever. Also got D- in Psychology. I’ve worked less in Psychology than in any other subject. It seems I’m less interested in it and I always leave it till the last to do – am doing a lot of outside reading for it now – turning over a new leaf as one would say.

Wasn’t feeling well the day we had our History exam so my grade is I in that (which means incomplete) I hope to get at least a B in that and will do my best for an A. Then got B+ in Debate which I hope will be A for mid semester grade. Miss Thayer (our Eng. Prof) didn’t give out grades so I don’t know my grade in that. But got B+ in my semester thesis – which was an excellent paper she said.

And deserved an A if I hadn’t been for the spelling – (???) – and I asked her if she had idea about what kind of work I was doing and she said of course she had nothing to judge by except [unclear] thesis [/unclear] and class work and that my classwork was very fine-

My laundry came this afternoon – and it looked so nice – the way the things were packed ect and oh the goodies are so good – Mary says so, too. Andy says so, too – We all say so.

Must go to the library tonight. In facet in a very few minutes – so must close now. Mary is having a date with an old [unclear] Wauwatosa [/unclear] friend tonight.

Three more weeks till Christmas.

Much Love

Your Mary



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Letters; College Life;Thanksgiving Day; Spelling errors


Wooster, Ohio


mid semester grades, library, Thanksgiving, Prexy, Spanish, psychology

Letter from Mary to Mother and Father - Friday Evening circa November 1926



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