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In this letter written to her Folks on one cream sheet of College of Wooster stationary Mary writes about the Glee Club trip to Wheeling and being asked to return for a secular concert. She is anxious to see about her grades and mentions in her signature blue ink that she feels like she’s more grown up and handling things better.


Feb 12, 1928

Dearest Folks:

It’s about time to go to bed – but a beginning is better than nothing. Our grades will be out this week some time. I surely am anxious to see them. We had the nicest prayer group in my room tonight. This year is just flying. Why we even ordered our commencement programs the other day.

Am getting the most enjoyment out of Glee Club work. I only wish I could take a whole year of nothing but piano and voice here under Miss Richmond and Mrs. Parmalee – doing

2. Glee Club work and S.V. work along with it. I’m just sort of wondering is something might turn up – for it to be possible. And if my voice would be really worth the training ect. Miss Richmond is marvelous for bringing out the soul of music in me.

I am enjoying my studies so much this semester – Perhaps because I seem to be putting more into them. I seem to be more calm and grown up in attacking them. And everything in general.

Debate has begun now for sure and of course I’m engaging enjoying every bit of it. Our students put on the “Fool” last night at the Opera House and it was done remarkably well.

Had a date with [unclear] Nakasteen [/unclear] to the B.B. game Fri night. We lost by 3pts. From Hudlebey.

3. We had a marvelous time last weekend on our Glee Club trip – especially at Wheeling – [unclear] Mr Mysheno is certainly a splendid man. [/unclear] I think you were wise not to make the trip Mother. They liked us so well – that they begged us to come back for a secular concert – so I guess we are alright in the Spring. Maybe you could all come up there. That will mean we stay over night there probably. We are also taking a week end trip to Cleveland and one to Toledo. – This next week is a busy one. Wednesday night the Wooster Symphonic is going [sic] their annual concert at the Opera House and the glee clubs are singing with them in “Prince Igor” – Thursday nite we give a secular concert in Orrville and Sunday we give 2 sacred concerts – in nearby places.

We had such wonderful weather last week end for our Wheeling trip. Coming home the moon was full – and the sky was so clear – the hills were simply beautiful. It just tickled me to hear the Oh’s!! and exclamations from those who had never seen the Hills.

Today has been just like – a “herald of spring” – I guess spring will be here before we know it.

Mon. Morn:

It is 8:00

How funny! I just began this – and someone brought a special up from downstairs. Haven’t even opened it yet. – so here goes – looks like Xmas

Glad to know Fred is gaining. So many people ask about him.

[letter ends abruptly]



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Wooster, Ohio


Glee Club, Wheeling, Orrville, grades, commencement programs, Wooster Symphonic Orchestra, spring

Letter from Mary to Folks - February 12, 1928



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