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On two sheets of College of Wooster stationary Mary writes home to her folks about playing her saw, harp and piano at a dinner party. She’s starting to get her grades in for the end of semester final exams but still has three more to take. In blue ink she tells about her plans to take an excursion to Chicago to save money on her way to Milwaukee.


Sunday Evening


Dear folks:

Mary is out for all night - at Flip Painter’s and Thelma Church is here with me. She is sitting on Mary’s bed and I am sitting on mine. We are both writing home. Just came from Kam Sing’s she is heart broken – has had some very misfortunate experience today – right in the midst of exams. So I wrote a note and took my rose and went down with it.

The rose: I must explain. Friday afternoon I played my saw at a luncheon and the hostess gave me 2 of the most beautiful roses – Gave one to Thelma that same day – then this evening I parted with my last one – and it was so beautiful. Played the prettiest numbers with the harp – “Largo” and “Volga Boat Song” and Prelude – C harp

Then with the piano played “All the world is wanting for the sun rise” - “Mighty like a Rose” “ The Sunshine of your Smile” They were lovely wore my yellow lace dress. - - afterwards Mrs. Williamson said that the ladies said that they liked the little girl in yellow – she smiled so sweetly – Ha! Ha! She told me that.

Thelma sang a solo in S. S this morning and asked me to accompany her on the saw. – The hymn was “The Place of Prayer I sought Him” It made a lovely combination.

Received my first “A-“ from MacDonald the other day. It was on that long thesis about Queen Victoria which counts more than the exam grade – He wrote on the paper “You have enjoyed this part of your work.”– I hope I get an A in the course. I took my exam in the course Friday and wrote a B exam I’m sure. Have had two other exams I may get an A in the “Debate” one

And yet again I may get a B. I think I got a B in my other History exam – at least I hope so. Have 3 more exams now.

Bible on Tuesday

Psychology on Wednesday

English on Thursday

Am working at the Tea House next Friday morning and evening. Also Saturday morning. On Friday evening the seniors give their play. Leland is in it so he got Mary and I real good seats.

There is a week end excursion to Chicago this next Saturday so I’m going to cut Commencement and take advantage of it. The round trip ticket is $6.75 – and that is ½ as cheap –

If you send a box it could be used nicely in the middle of the week – or even at the end (if it wasn’t too big)

Today was Senior S. S the Seniors all marched in – and sat down as a class.

We sat in the transept so we could see them better.

If I go next Sat. – think of it (the time just flies) I’ll be in Milwaukee a week from tonight. It’s getting late now.

Must close.




Earned $1.90 at Tea House Sat.

Would you send me the letter I wrote about Bob? I didn’t write my diary then and I’d like what I wrote when I was in the mood.



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Letters; College Life; Musical saw; Examinations


Wooster, Ohio


Milwaukee, Chicago, excursion, musical saw, harp, piano, grades, exams

Letter from Mary to Folks - Sunday circa 1927



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