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Mary wrote this letter to her family during the fall of her second year at college. The letter is written on four sheets of personalized Tea House stationery. Mary used blue ink, pencil, and black ink throughout the letter. In this letter, Mary begins by talking about needing her fur coat back from the tailor, then describes a trip to Cleveland, which included a football game, eating Chinese food, and visiting Keith's Vaudeville Palace.



Sun Oct 17, 1925

Dear family.

Am at Boots this afternoon. It’s a lovely day. Sort of cold and snappy. Feel pretty good, even tho tired as might be expected after a day like yesterday.

Friday night Boots and I made some sandwiches for 11 girls - at the Tea House as we all wanted to eat breakfast in the car in the morning which left at 6:30 and we had to walk down town to get the car. It was cold and so (as it was looking a little rainy) I wore my atheletic [sic] sweater underneath my slicker. Would have worn my fur coat had it have been here. I think you are mistaken about

2/ the coat. The one you mention being cleaned was my [unclear] one - that was in the parcel past package. The coat (fur) you remember was at the Tailors being relined and wasn’t finished before I left and you said you would send it after it came back - when you got home after the trip. I imagine it is still at the Tailor on that one-way street. Wish you would get it & send it. Dad & I took it there. The sleeves were to be relined so I think you did not send it. However I went to the P.O. There was no record of it and they said to trace it from the other end.

We did not stay in Cleveland over night. We surely had one grand time

Sold some - lots of sandwiches on the car and made some “pin” money. Our bunch rode in the smoker. Of course it was a special college car & no one smoked. 11 of us. The trip cost me 6.00 & We went shopping in the morning and each bought a 10¢ c to wear to the game just an imitation one as the others cost 75¢ - It is our college flower and they looked so cute. Prexy & the coach always wear them on big game days. We had a grand cafeteria lunch.

And the game was wonderful. We made a touchdown in the first


5 minutes and they made a touchdown in the last 2 min. Such excitement - But they missed the kickover so we won with a score 7-6. Boy some game as you can imagine. It was our immigration day so we had 3 or 400 rooters there. We with Wooster people all over the city shopping etc. We went to a marvelous oriental place! Boots & I had 1 chop suey 1 Yaiowen 1 egg F. together. Cost us 1.75 together. The kids danced between courses - Wonderful time. In the evening we went to Keith’s palace - Vaudavelle - It was cank & disgusting most of it - I guess most of the Wooster delegation were there

The Vic is now on - Just finished “Let me call you sweetheart and now playing “Let me call you sweet heart”

As I was saying - the Keiths Vaudavelle - Its appauling when one thinks of the thousands who are being entertained as such all over the country and how they really are being pleased.

We came home on the 11:30 car and ran all the way to get it - [unclear] was too peppy to sleep - but almost went to sleep in church_

We sang a beautiful anthem in church. Our new robes are so nice. Had a good dinner this noon. Have been teasing Boots - Shes trying to write a letter. The leaves are turning so quickly

6/ Glad I made “Doc” happy. He told me that he writes long letters I haven’t heard from him yet. I’m anxious to hear what he will say and how he will explain

Papa is home by now, I suppose

Will close now

Oh no - will answer your questions in the last letter. When I go to see Boots I sleep with her. Sometimes her roommate is there & sometimes she goes up stairs with her gang.

My sneezing has subsided but not stopped altogether


You never saw College Hall. It’s a missionary project in the Italian district - sort of a community house which the college supports.

Our car arrived home at 2:00 Clock Sun. morning

Did Dad see any of our people in St. Louis How about Evelyn Miller. Tell me all about it.

My dress & shirts all came thru beautifully My rain coat is trimmed.

C.E. topic tonight. “Is Campus life real life?” My love to all

Your Mary Elizabeth.

Boots heard from Esther.

Did you send E. Joanne's package to 94 5 1/2 17th St. ?


missed Dad’s S.S. lesson last week from paper



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Wooster, Ohio

Letter from Mary to Family- October 17, 1925



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