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Mary wrote this letter to her sister, Esther, during the fall of her second year of college. This letter is written in blue ink on four sheets of Tea House stationery. In this letter, Mary talks about recent dates, making a new friend (Kam Sing Sun), and surprising Boots on her birthday. She also notes hearing a lecture on the city of Petra and looking forward to hearing a Rachmaninoff concert in Akron, Ohio.


Sun Nov. 8 [’25?]

Dear Esther [her sister]

You surely have been busy with parties and fun. How do you get your studying done? I didn’t go to one Halloween party. So many were in Columbus that week end.

You didn’t say much about Pittsburgh and Gus - but I guess you had a good time alright.

Enclosed are some stamps for Frederick. Now he will have to write and thank me. How are he and Martha getting along. They made such a cute couple.

2. I haven’t had a date since school began except one with Paul (I refused one with him tonight) and one with a Freshie the night of the Y. Reception. But I’ve made some wonderful new girl friends. Among them a Chinese girl Kam Sing Sun. She asked me over to Hoover for dinner today. Mrs. Cunningham and last years Matron was there for dinner with her husband so it was reel nice. Then afterwards I went over to her room. She lives at Luccocks and stayed there all afternoon and had the grandest time. She loves poetry and we read some. She has

3/ my book “Choice Readings” by Cumnock and she enjoys there so. I’ve decided to give her a book of poetry for Christmas. She has a wonderful sense of human and so much depth - and an unusual ability to adapt herself to American society & ways. She appears so much at ease & so freee - so different from many who come over. Wish I could bring her home some time. She took H.S. work at Northfield Seminary in Mass. and worked for a Y.W.C.A. in New York this summer.

4/ She gave me a fine picture of herself today. Am anxious to see the pictures of you and Fred. The stamps enclosed are some she gave me this afternoon.

This evening she called for me and we went to C.E. (Boots came up too) then after - wards Boots had a date with Leeland Findlay and Kam Sing and I stayed to a wonderful illustrated lecture given by Dr. James H. Kelso (bro. of our Dean Kelso) who is pres. D.D.LL.D. of Western Theological seminary the letle was “A Pilgrimage to Petra, the Ruined City of Arabia.” I was especially

interested in the old tombs and the temples carved out of the rocks. The colorings were beautiful especially in the canyon which follows a snake like trail up to Petra.

Didn’t have a party for Mary because I couldn’t get the Tea House - all the nights were taken but I did give her a lovely birthday. Got up before 5 AM on her birthday. —slipped my fur coat over my pajamas, put on my shoes and stockings and went down to the “Colonial”

6// Of course she was asleep but woke up when I kissed her and especially when she smelt the rose I had brought her. Then I slipped a little Wooster ring on her finger and got in bed with her till it was time for breakfast. Wasn’t that cute?

How is your music coming along and are you playing for the orchestra? Too bad Joe Sloman forgot to tell you that time Rock Moninoff (?) ? ? ? - is playing in Canton this week end but we will be in Akron. Can hardly wait.

Washed about 40 prs of stockings last night, it seems (Of course it wasn’t that many.)

Have heard from Gus & Helen Orr twice and you twice.

Have invited “Gus” up here for Thanksgiving - but I suppose she will go home. Be wonderful if you both would come but spose that’s impossible as you went to Pitts. etc and your Senior year will be an expensive one.

8// No doubt I will hear from her this week some time.

Must close now as it is quarter till 11.

Much love
Your sis



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Letters; Sisters; Rachmaninoff, Sergei, 1873-1943; Birthdays; Laundry; Petra Great Temple Site (Petra, Jordan)


Wooster, Ohio

Letter from Mary to Esther- November 8, 1925



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