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Letters; College students; Hay fever; Teahouses; Universities and colleges--Examinations


Mary wrote this letter to her family at the beginning of her second year of college. It is written on 4 sheets of Tea House stationery with blue ink handwriting on the front and back of each sheet. In this letter, Mary writes about her coursework and classes for the semester, her hay fever, working, and her acquaintances.


Sun. Sept 27. [’25?]

Dear family.

It has rained hard today and the sky is so odd tonight. We had a wonderful Christian Endeavor service - Topic “steadfastness” The two Presidents of Y.W. & Y.M. led.

Spent the whole afternoon reading, “Biology. I think it is wonderful. Am a chapter ahead of our class and am going to try to take Dad’s advice and keep ahead — One reason because in our Bug lab

work we are so often ahead of ourselves. So, I thought, if I’d have the text book knowledge ahead of the rest & the lab work I’d get a lot more out of it. The Lab is so very interesting. We are studying of course the amoeba & parameciam - and all about the cell, etc. I would like an A in it. I enjoy drawing the specimans too. I think I’d like to teach biol. in H.S. Hope the interest keeps up. Our Biol. prof Dr. Mateer makes

us get our lessons.

Don’t care for my Greek at all this year and its terribly hard. Hist. is wonderful and we have a dandy Bible class on the “Writings of John” Math isn’t so good.

My sneezing is terrible. It will be the death of me if I don’t have something done. It’s either hay fevar

or something wrong with my nose. I imagine its a defective bone or something. I thought maybe I could find out whats wrong by sneezing on a “watch glass” and looking at it thru a microscope & detecting the germ. Ha! Ha! I think I’ve used a dozen handkerchiefs today. It’s unhandy for T. House work, too, - Its a hindrance to anything of course.

Am social Chr. & program leader of our girls S.S. class. Boots is going to a Co-ed class. She is on the student committee of 6 for it. There are a couple hundred in the class.

Was glad to hear from Esther & will probably write this week. Tried out for glee club, a bunch tried out - - - Our church chair has robes now. We have a fine new lady vocal teacher. Miss Arnold

is enlivening some study in it

Please write me how Doc is. I’m holding off writing to him cause I want to hear what’s doing on that end of the line. He was mean not to say Goodbuy. Worked 29 1/3 hrs last week. but that will not happen every week. The serving is wonderful work.

Boots is up here lots of the time. We eat alone together here on Sun. Eve. Of course she pays for what she eats. and then it gives us a grand time together.

Last night our old lunch, Louise, etc — who are living at Smuckers this year - invited us down to stay all night. They gave a spread & I made some fudge for it. Of course I pay for the ingredients I use, etc.

My book case is up and looks dandy. I varnished it. Only have one class tomorrow (Mon) besides gym but a lunch on Tuesday. I’m sure I’ll

get more concentrated studying done this year. I have to - thats all or I won’t be good for anything - I don’t want a single “D” this year.

Want to retire early now to Goodnight.

With Love to all.

Your jumpin’

Please send me your chile C.C. rock cookie recipe.

Did I tell you I got a genuine leather photo album (8.50)- for 2.50 a week ago? Just worn a bit. Enjoyed papa’s S.S. lesson. Haven’t written to anyone since I came.

Busy! is the word.

Letter from Mary to Family- September 27, 1925

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