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Mary wrote this letter to her mother and sister during the 1927 summer she spent in Wisconsin. The letter is composed on 8 small sheets of cream colored paper; black ink handwriting overs only one side of each sheet. In this letter, Mary writes about her concern for her father, an upcoming family trip to Chautauqua, NY, summer coursework, buying clothes, and a reception for Milwaukee pilot, Lester Maitland.


July 20th
[in Wauwatosa WI ’25?]

Dear Mother and Esther,

Your letters concerning father were quite disturbing to say the least. He lacks something big - you can see it in his eyes - and I believe that that something big is faith. Yes I really do. As far as I can see through him he has let his reason in real practise come before his simple faith. Lots of men at his age and with his experience - get that way and I only hope that he can get over it and gain something - up north alone. I only wish he could be up there alone for a month or 2. Then he would find it. 10 days is really not long enough.

I don’t know whether if I said anything about it he would stop to think.

I just finished getting things ready to cook for supper. My beets are on. Then I’m having asparagus tomatoe salad - steak, lettuce - celery and radishes. jelly and bread and blackberry short cake. How does that sound to you? Did Dad tell you about the tasty dinner I cooked for him when he was here

Bud left for up North yesterday evening. so Mr. Brouwer and I are alone. Pops is leaving Friday for Up North and then he and Mary are coming home about next Tuesday or Wednesday as Mary goes to Geneva that week end.

Dad and I talked over Chatauqua and it looks as if I will be with you folks at Chatauqua at least a week- and then drive home with you.- and be with you a couple weeks. Then go to New York City. Our Council is to be at Riverdale-on-the-Hudson. Isn’t that thrilling. I can hardly wait.

In the meantime I am very busy studying. Got an A in my last Sociology paper- and have to write another one for this Friday. Visited a Day Nursery for my material.- I should like very much to get A’s in both of my courses this summer.

Wrote letters to Miss Root and Professor Luster the

other day. Had dandy letters from Mary and Thelma today.

Enclosed are some handkerchiefs for you mother. I thought they were very pretty and they were also very cheap- (5¢ a piece). I also gave Mrs. Pagsdale 2. She has been so lovely to me. Just called her up and asked her how to broil a club steak - over the phone. I am making Mrs. Brouwer a brightly colored Japanese crepè [unclear] buedeon cluit [/unclear]. Awfully cute.

Dad probably told you that I made him stay out here with me nights. We had a lovely time together. Went over to Houlkaups one night. Also had our devotions together one nite

Rev. Turkerstha’s gone to Michigan. I don’t know what city. Elizabeth is Romanian. She has a wonderful position as a private secy at the Boston stars.

Summer school ends August 5th - - Tell me what kind of clothes does one need for Chatauqua? Many dress clothes - good silk ones? —. Kam-Sing Sun is in New York - Chautauqua for all summer. Had a letter from her the other day.

Marjie, Olive & Bee are all single.

Mary writes that Fred looks unusually well - up north. I’m so glad.

Elizabeths birthday was the day Dad came and I didn’t know it. - and she came home with a box of chocolates and a birthday gift for me. A lovely jewelry box.

Have my shoes for next year. Brouwers had their semi annual sale - and plus my discount I got them very cheap - considering. Also bought a perfect dream of a frock for next year. It cost me $15 and it looks like $50 - But I won’t let you hear about it. I’ll surprise you with it. Everyone thats seen if just says - Oh - Mr. Brouwer is crazy about it.

Think of it only 2 more weeks of school. How this summer is flying - Am really enjoying my work very much. And we’ve had nice weather on the whole.

Yesterday was a big day. The city gave a reception for Col. Maitland who made the trip to Hawaii. There were 300,000 people that lined the Wisconsin Ave. and over 3500 people in the parade. Bands from all over the state. Floats and even the mailmen of the city were in it - & the policemen who weren’t on duty- Everyone was out and such excitement & thrills —

I was parked on the Pub. Library steps so had a grand view - Got in 2 moving pictures - that were taken - I never saw so many people. — Confetti - flags - whistles - chimes of America in St. James Church - baloons - Maitland souvenir pins etc. It’s been the biggest celebration since the Armistice.

Pops will be home soon.

Love, Bean.

Tell me what to take to Chatauqua——



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Letters; Wauwatosa (Wis.); Women's clothing; Travel; Air pilots; Maitland, Lester J., 1899-1990


Wooster, Ohio

Letter from Mary to Mother and Esther- July 20, 1927



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