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Mary wrote this letter to her family during her second semester of her sophomore year at college. The letter is composed on four sheets of Y.W.C.A. Tea House stationery and is handwritten in black ink. In this letter, Mary writes about college exams, meeting someone who provides financial aid for her to attend the college, and being on the college debate team.


Jan 24. ['25?]
Dearest Folks-

This is Sunday evening and soon I will go down the street to Mary’s prayer group.

One exam is over. History I know I got at least a C. in that and may be a “B.” I hope so, but I doubt it. I have 2 exams tomorrow. Greek and Algebra. I’ll get thru in Algebra alrite but I surely am “scared” of Greek. Don’t be surprised if I flunk it-

Then Tues I have Biology and Thursday Bible.

This morning who should preach in church but Dr. Luns B. Hill from Pittsburgh. Well afterwards I went down from choir and Dr. Vance introduced me. Then I asked him if he would like to eat over at the girls dormatory [sic] - He had been at the mens dorm and was going to eat there for dinner but instead came over and ate with us. I asked Dr. Vance. too.

We had such a nice


conversation - Marg. Craig and others sat at our table. We talked of you and your work. He asked to be remembered to you. He mentioned my aid and I said that I had written him last night and he said that he’d send it right on. So I guess its coming- I am glad I got to know him personally and that he got to know me personally also.


Don’t forget to send me back the clipping about the debate team that I sent you. That was in the Wooster town paper.

You see it was this way. It was as I said to you that he had decided on the 6. and merely needed to choose 2 alternates. He did - and Edith Knuezel & I were chosen. Well then one of the chosen b. dropped out - too much to do. Edith & I are both neg. speakers and this girl who dropped out was negative so there is really a little contest

3) now between Edith and I for the 3rd debatir on neg. side. —> Marg. Craig didn’t even make it and Ruth Aray was the one selected later- in place of the girl - But Ruth is an affirmative. I would far rather debate than be an alternate. If I’d debate or (represent the college 2 yrs) I would be eligible to the honor society here - to which few belong. Wouldn’t that be great? But it will be work.

However, it counts for 3 credits and that makes my hours come

out just fine as it makes 16 hrs for me. And besides there will be no exam in it and he couldn’t us lower than A or B. so that fixes a good grade. So much for that.

Wish you would watch material for me and also! Could you order that “Darrow-Talley” book or Debate that we were going to order before we ordered Beman? Before our last tryout everyone was saying they wished they had it. We start debating again

right after exams.

I am to give a chock talk in G.E. next Sunday night. Spike tonight! The topic was, overcoming difficulties. Fine meeting

I don’t expect Mary Back - haven’t all along. Have become quite intimate with Marg. Craig since she’s gone.

This last week I only worked about 18 hrs. I had a lab book to get

in and preparation for exams so I had girls take my place so I could study. I just had too and with your money coming I could afford it and I thought you would prefer it.

It is time to go -
This is rushed-
Much love

Sent my laundry home! Es. has my winter gloves-gauntlet.



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Wooster, Ohio

Letter from Mary to Parents- January 24, 1926



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