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Mary wrote this letter to her family during the spring of her first year of college. The letter is written on 3 sheets of yellow paper. Handwriting in black ink covers the front and back of each page. In this letter, Mary describes a visit from her father and Mr. Brouwer, her preference for her father's sermons, her progress in athletics, and the Tea House.


(1) Tues. May 26

Dearest Family,

You can’t imagine what a wonderful week end this has been - ideal in every way I can think of. There is so much to tell you and of course Dad will have much to say, too.

He left Mon. at 7.30 in morning. Mr. Brouwer left Mon. night at 11:30. Now, I will have to explain. Boots had not written home for a week so Pops was worried and called her up Friday night. In the course of the conversation she mentioned that my Dad was coming to see me. Well, in an hour of less, Pops had taken a bath, packed his grip, bought a pound of Prince’s candy and hopped on the train for Wooster.

He surprised us entirely - came in about fifteen minutes after Dad came. You can’t imagine our surprise. Boy it surely was great to have them both here at the same time. It gave us both a chance to be alone with them, so much more but still we were together enough to make it so companionable Both of the men stayed over at the Lodge (that is the mens Dorm) Mandy took care of my Dad -Hait Tribble took care of Pops. Dad hasn’t spent such a quite leisure week end for some time. We sat out under the trees in Hoover Lawn all day Sat. I think Dad enjoyed our C.E. very much. Also we went to visit Lean’s Sun. evening They were lovely to us. Dad refused to give the morning prayer at Church

Sunday so he could sit with me in the audience. We four sat together. Listened to about 1/10th of the sermon then pulled out Dad’s sermon book from his pocket and read the rest of the time. Got much more out of reading his sermon notes than of listening to this gentleman preach. Dad led Hoover morning prayers & also spoke at Life Service Group. The one in all our conversations that has been impressed on my mind is this — “When you are best it is because someone has bled — if you bleed someone will be blest”

I think that is such a beautiful thought and I can’t get it out of my head.

Well I’ve made 615 points towards my 800 for a W.C. We played an awfully funny game last night inside. Fifth section (Men) were to play a game too & so I got the rumor started that the girls were playing 5th section & so there was a crowd went out & got fooled & even now they can’t understand where the game went to.

Dad will tell you all about the Tea House & how it came about. Everything is all settled. The Dean & Co. is all in favor & Miss Gould gave her yes yesterday.

I saw the room and in the little tower where I will live and it is adorable- just newly fixed up - oh I’ll not write about it but tell you all about it in a little over two weeks.

Its almost chapel time so will close & perhaps add a little later

Muchest of Love

Just will say a few words before I close this and mail it. Have to make a poster this afternoon. Has the birthday package gotten lost strayed or stolen? Am beginning to review for exams today. Mr. Vogal gave his in chapel today - introduced by Prof. Lean.



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Wooster, Ohio

Letter from Mary to Family- May 26, 1925



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