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This letter was written by Mary to her family during the spring of her Freshman year of college. The letter is comprised of 7 sheets of pink paper, with handwriting in blue ink on on side of each sheet. On the back of the final page, there is a note added in pencil. In this letter, Mary writes about receiving flowers from home, deciding against purchasing a hat, college expenses, buying music for her vocal lessons, and plans for her parents to visit her on campus. She also reminds her father that she expects answers to questions she had asked him about his church's Daily Vacation Bible School (D.V.B.S.).


Sun. Mar 29.

Dear Family—

Have been laughing so hard this afternoon. Just came up from one of the girls room. Have been there since dinner and it is now 2:30.

We have had marvelous weather this last week - but today the sun isn’t out and it’s actually cold and snowing!

Couldn’t imagine what was in the box when it came. The flowers are beautiful. They weren’t a bit wilted or crushed. The hyacynth wasn’t crushed at all but the florist moss had stolen all of its odor. It certainly made a lovely boquet.

I am sitting up in bed. Have a clean pair of P.J’s on. —Am anxious to get my laundry as usual.

Before you had written saying (in your last letter) that I had better not get a hat-I had already decided I wouldn’t.- so had my green hat cleaned last week & it looks fine .- also had my grey & white dress cleaned

Had two pairs of shoes repaired which alone cost 3:00. Then the cleaning bill was 4.25 So you see it amounted to 7.25. How money does go - and not unnecessarily .-

Have all my college bills paid and counting all the money I have left - it amounts to $44.00. I have to buy music all the time. Miss Arnold has begun me on some English pieces- that is some of Mendelsans short selections. They are pretty. I find reading quite difficult.

Would be nice if you wrote Agnes Fayes. Also, Boots says neither you nor Esther have answered her letters. Did you get Jean’s letter. She says she hasn’t heard from you. Glad you can know some of the girls in a personal way before you come. - Dad - you said something about getting to


Wooster on the 15th (Wed). If you could get here the 14th (Tue) I could get you to talk in Student Volunteers. For many reasons would it be fine if you could do that. Wish you would write and tell me just when. Hope it is a Tuesday.

I thought mother could come May 14 - you said something about having a missionary meeting then. I do want mother to be here the 15th (Fri) She can visit a “lit” and (Sat) 16th is May day. It would be fine if she could come about (Wed) 13th and stay till the following Tue or Wed. I want her to live here about a week - to understand all that is ours & get every phase of our college life. There will be many many strangers in Wooster over the weekend - people from miles around come here for May day besides all the alumni & students friends. - So in order to see Wooster as it is to us all the time she’ll have to stay


the first part of the following week at least and while she is here (she might not get here again) I want her to get it all. It’s too long a trip to stay only a few days when it would be possible to stay longer. Hope you plan now-. I certainly am planning and have made Dorm. reservations for that weekend - as we have to early - there will be so many here.

I am so anxious to have a talk with you, Dad. Hope that nothing keeps you from coming here on your trip & I can easily get a cheap bunk for you over at the Lodge - That is Mandy is in the 5th section (section of future missionary & ministers) & he would be only too glad to take you in. You would

value very much talking to these fellows. I certainly hope you plan to stay over night here. There are so many things to talk about. When I was home, we didn’t have a chance to talk about my college affairs & you will be here amidst them & there will be so much to tell you & it will help me so much. I need it strength & understanding - advice & help —

I just threw the ink bottle over to Boots. She caught it. ———— ————

Will probably add more.

Love Bean.


After C.E. now! Paul & I went to church. He has quit dancing thru my influence - he says. He is certainly a good fellow at heart.

Dad, remember that letter I wrote you which was nothing but questions concerning your D.V.B.S. you haven’t mentioned any things about that - and I certainly would like to know - couldn’t you send statistics as soon as possible or bring them with you when you come to Wooster. What I want to know is as much about last yrs D.V.B.S. work as possible. I haven’t a thing to start on.

Performed my first operation last Fri. Mandy asked Boots & I over to the embryology lab to see some chick embryos - We got 4 good eggs out of 9. I opened one of them. It certainly is wonderful - to see the heart beat after it is out of the egg even for 1/2 .

Then we went to the convent. Another fellow there walked with Boots & Mandy walked with me. Mandy & I had a wonderful talk. He is such a fine fellow & engaged -

Have decided not to have any more dates with Not because of anything he has said or done in my presence. Asked the advice of 2 upper class girls & Mandy.

Must stop now. It’s late—

Solution of Christianity
Mrs Dotsons
Tuesday after Easter



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Wooster, Ohio

Letter from Mary to Family- March 29, 1925



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