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This letter was written by Mary to her family during the second half of her freshman year at college. Two large pieces of paper are used for this letter, composed in blue ink. Mary's friend, Boots, is ill, so Mary writes as she tends to her friend throughout the day. Mary also writes about meeting Ruth Ann King, who brought her some items from home, and a prayer meeting. She also describes an instance where Paul Richenbach and another young man made her popcorn.


March 15, 1925

Dear mother & Dad & all,

I suppose church is almost out by now. I walked out after our anthem as Mary did not go to church. She has an awful sore throat and a gland must be swollen because it looks like it. I just finished putting her to bed and pulling the blinds down. Pretty soon Miss Manby, our nurse will ring up and I’ll go down and get her tray. Think I’ll be a nurse. The kids say I’d make a good one.

In our life service group this morning we discussed Social Settlement work. I hope I get a special from you today. I haven’t written to the folks in Toledo yet because I haven’t heard definitely from you. I wish you would say something- however I am rather planning on going to Toledo - I will not write to them till I hear from you and I ought to have answered before this.

It is now after dinner - 2:o’clock to be exact and I just gave Boots another pill. Just had a telephone call a few minutes ago from Ruth Ann King. She is coming up this afternoon and says she has something for me from you folks. Am anxious. Don’t know her.

Another intermission! Ruth Ann King, & her 2 sister just went. Ruth must be a lovely girl. I never have seen her before. Boots was sick & the room was all dark so entertained them down stairs in the parlor. They are going to call up Thurs. after lunch so to be sure they can come up to see us Thurs. afternoon. We will give a little tea for them.

That is: - just us. Of course I haven’t tested the nut bread yet. Have read your letters. Thanks so much for the dollar. You don’t know how much I appreciated that green pencil with the eraser worn most off and not sharpened - isn’t it funny how much love we can feel by just such a simple little thing?

Paul & Ted Porter were going to give a another girl & I a popcorn and waffle feed. We didn’t understand it was to take place of a supper and when they said we should come early about 6:30 - we said we couldn’t come till about 7:30 because we were invited to a dinner party down town and they couldn’t understand and of course we know now that the “why” of it all. Well, we went to a show instead and got back about 20 till 10 so they wanted to know if we would go over and pop some corn. I said we wouldn’t have time but it they wanted to, they could go over and pop it then we would let a rope down from a certain 3rd story window. Sure enough thats what they did and believe me it was nice & that too. I didn’t explain: - we can have 2 breaks a week for training & we can have sweets but not between Meals. We can’t have tea or coffee.

This dinner party we went to Sat night was one Ginever gave for an out of town guest.

Its 9:30 now. We had our prayer group in our room again ‘cause Boots was awake & they were so quiet. Just finished giving her some medicine and tucking her in and I must finish this tonight because I won’t have a single spare minute tomorrow. I have a mid-semester Wednesday in Chem. Haven’t got much done today- there was so much to do for Boots but of course I loved to. Her gland is swollen a little and it pains her so much. We cut some of the nut bread for supper. It was delicious - did you make it?

You said you were sending me 2 prs. of blue stockings a long time ago - I never got them. Remember you were going to match up that orange piece of ribbon in stockings for my black velvet dress. You said nothing about Spring vacation in your letter today.

We had our B.B. pictures taken Sat. morning. Friday afternoon we surely did clean our room well. Had a wonderful letter from Elizabeth. Must send it on to you. She tells in detail about Prof. Dodge being ousted from Calvary Church.

Did not go to C.E. tonight. Must close now.

Much love, Mary Elizabeth.

Tell Esther [her younger sister] I wrote her a long letter about a mo. ago.



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Wooster, Ohio

Letter from Mary to Family- March 15, 1925



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