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Letters; Valentine's Day; Dormitory life


Mary wrote this letter to her parents during the second half of her freshman year at college. The letter consists of one sheet of paper with handwriting on the front and back in black ink. Much of this letter is devoted to recounting Valentine's Day celebrations, including a party, Valentine's gifts, and seeing a movie with Paul Richenbach.



Dear folks,

It is two o’clock. Our “vic” is going. Boots gave me “Hungarian Rapsody #10” for a Valentine. We have had a wonderful and varied time this week end. Was so glad to get the box. Took it in Mrs. Scotts’ room and unwrapped it there so “Patty” could see. She is the matron’s daughter who broke her leg.

We started to see who to ask to the party and we didn’t know who leave out so we decided to ask the whole dorm. Boots, Jean & I gave the party. Boots bought some olives and crackers & filling. Then we made tea down stairs in the kitchen. Am sending you an invitation. Just when the kids went to supper Fri. two of us went around to the rooms and put two invitations on the floor near the door. 50 came. We took our vic out in the hall and danced. On Fri night there is no quiet hour. Two of the girls dressed up and gave the cutest folk dance. We had a table out in the hall with the cats on it. The cookies were delicious. The candy & the tin box of cookies we kept. We forgot the walnuts so we still have them. Had all the kids that were here to autograph my book on my Valentine page. It’s so cute. Paul gave me a valentine last night. - a foot ball kid - the hands move and on the foot ball it says- I hope I can make a touch down in your heart. - Some one sent me a heart with a string bean on it - movable- under the string bean it says “It might have been” -

Jean was so pleased with the box and so proud to think we would let

her in on the party. The verse Fred wrote is just darling. We liked it so much - and the bluebell was so dear. - Put the tag that was on the box in my memory book but the valentine page, also the bluebells & poem.

Agnes Fayes and I worked hard yesterday. Got up at 9 and worked till 3 getting ready for a party at Mrs. Douglas in the evening. We went back there at 10:30 and served the party - finished doing dishes etc by 2:00. Slept next door. Earned $2.55 yesterday. Before going there to serve, Paul took me to a movie. He tried to get sentimental but I wouldn’t let him. I don’t give him much satisfaction I’ll tell you. I wish he wouldn’t like me so much - of course he’s never said so, but he is. -He’d better get over it. It’s funny-

Made $12.00 selling 150 valentines- How’s that for just a little and work?

Must close-am tired-So often I get despondant lately-I could kick myself for it.

Much much love

Mary E.

P.S. Am sitting at the same place I wrote last Sun. It’s beautiful out.

Again thanks. The valentine box was wonderful - The card is so nice - & the handkerchiefs were - -everything was lovely -

Letter from Mary to Parents- February 15, 1925

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