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This letter was written by Mary to her mother during her first semester of college. It was written using black ink and pencil on two pieces of blue stationery from the Father and Son Movement Milwaukee Committee. The letter contains details of Mary's schoolwork and athletic endeavors, a Y.W.C.A. meeting and other religious life activities, and a date with a young man.



Oct 8, 1924

Dear mother,

Lights are out and I am writing to you. I am in the bathroom where there is a light and risking the possibility of getting a de-merit - However Wed. is when I write to you and this is my first chance today. Had straight classes all morning from 7:30 till 12: o'clock. and lab. (chem) from 3-5 P.M. There was Y.W. recognition service after supper. We (all the Freshmen) had to wear white. The cabinet was in cap & gown & all the Freshmen followed them - each with a candle, lit etc, etc. After that Marion Kneeland, a ^soph [sic] girl in my chemestry [sic] class, came over & we wrote up our Chem lab. work for Friday. Chemestry [sic] is awful hard but I worked 2 1/2 hrs on it this evening so I know a little more.

This afternoon I played tennis with 2 girls. Wow a set - playing against them Have to get in 8 hrs practise [8] before I can play my match. We played 2 hours. so you see how full the day has been. Then too, I had to study my Greek for tomorrow after finishing my chem. this evening.

Went swimming last night. I am trying to learn to dive good. Entered - swimming team tryouts. Am out for hockey - that's the only way I'll learn.

The college oratour [sic] tryouts were held - I made it - We sing the Messiah at Christmas. There are quite a few professors in the chorus - hurah!

2 [no handwriting]


Had a Greek test the other day. I made "A" (3 mistakes) Also an English test yesterday, made 95 in that. Don't think, mother, that I've turned "bright" all of a sudden. Am studying hard - and I'll admit those are unusual grades for me. Don't always expect these tho. It wouldn't be Bean-

Led morning prayers at Hoover the other morning. We lead in alphabetic order. Read the beatitudes with the "Girls Beatitudes. Good spirit & response from girls.

Am writing in a cramped position with many difficulties - but I hope you can make this out.

We had a violin serenade tonight We have had some very beautiful



Haven't had a single letter from anyone all this week - but I enjoy Mary's with her. Nevertheless I'm not a bit discontented. I'm just so happy I'm here and that I have such wonderful appartments [sic] that I can't be bothered with such trifles - You can't know how much I love college life. I'm learning so many new things (& realizing I never knew much) & getting such a broader view of life. Do you know what I mean by this?-

I know you are praying for me I certainly always pray for my dear family - which I appreciate more every day.

Lots of Love Bean. over

P.S. Most forget to tell you about the date I had the other night. One of the missionary's daughters from the Westminister Home asked me up last Sun night. Every Sun. nite they have a "sing" and the fellows from the boys' missionary home come over. Of course I was introduced & one dark haired short fellow rather stayed near & when it was time for me to go asked if he could take me home

That is called a date here at W.C. and it is my 1st one. Mary wasn't along. His name is John Romig & his folks are in China, He's funny - but I was tickled to think I got a date - you know me -



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Letters; College students; Dating (Social customs); Young Women's Christian associations


Wooster, Ohio

Letter from Mary to Mother- October 8, 1924



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