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This letter was written by Mary to her father during her first semester of college. This letter is made up of five small sheets of cream-colored paper, written on the front sides in black ink. Much of the letter is devoted to an recounting an encounter with a young man Mary met while playing tennis. Mary also wrote about making plans for Thanksgiving and wanting her mother to visit her at school.


Oct. 19, 1924.

Dear Daddy,

We are in Louise Erwin's room. She is a peach of a girl another P.K. Mrs. Cunningham says our class is the best she has ever known. There are so many fine girls.

We are having a lovely rain this afternoon. Had a topic to talk on in S.S. class. Would like to have my member-ship card. We had comm-union today - members taken in.

Are our relations coming to Clarksburg ? and am I coming with them Thanksgiving - I would like to know all about it, because we will probably make other plans if not. The girls have been talking already - am anxious to know defin.


I just can't study on Sunday here. I don't seem to want to.

We won our game with Miami 20-6 yesterday. Next week is home-coming. Wish mother could come up here for the weekend. She would love it here. If you - could let her. ????

Yesterday afternoon a girl and I were playing tennis. A fellow came up and sat beside the court just before she said she had to go- so this boy asked me to play with him. I did and when I started home he asked me for a date last evening (Sat.)


He is a nice fellow, I found out that evening. I didn't realize he was until evening. Was surprised when I found out he was a missionary's son. Came from Springfield Ill-played Football 3 yrs - has had 3 years prep. school work and is planning to fill his dead father's place as a missionary in China. Wasn't that interesting?- When a man says a think like that, it thrills me. He was very attentive but not too much. He talked so sensibly. I hope I can get acquainted with


more men of that type. He wanted to take a walk with me tonite (in other words another date) but of course I wouldn't have it. I really think he likes me. He's a senior in H.S. Isn't that a shock? but he's 20 yrs old. He's been across the ocean 5 times. His mother is going across again next year. He's had 2 yrs. of Chinese. Now, I'm not in love or even excited much, but it did make me happy to think he would ask me for a date & then turn out to be a


fine man. Funny, my talking about dates.

Just had a shower and am in my P.J.s (some more sign language)

Your last letter seemed so business like and dictated, Dad- Don't you think I am frank? Enjoyed the childrens [sic] letters. If it would be possible for mother to come, I'd love it.

Love & lots

Your daughter

Mary E.



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Wooster, Ohio

Letter from Mary to Father- October 19, 1924



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