Deepest Ecology and Eco-Justice

Daniel B. Jacobs, The College of Wooster


The human race has brough the earth to an ecological crisis, in which the future of innumerable lives are jeopardized. Thus, it is time for a change in the direction our lives have been leading, towards a global community which includes not only all humanity, but all creation. One of the main motivating forces in leading the way of this direction will be religion, for (Christian) religious views are largely responsible for bringing us to this crisis situation. Those seeking power over others (human and non), have utilized interpretations of (Christian, religious) scriptures and traditions as weapons. Thus, it is time for new interpretations of the same traditions which will justify movement in a new direction. There is a growing group of people who through radical environmental protest are pushing human societies in this new direction. Deep ecology expresses a philosophical platform informed by these actions. However, Deep Ecology (with capitalization) is more than a philosophical framework supported by radical environmentalism. It is a new ecological spirituality that speaks to individuals on a spiritual level in order to effect a transformation of values that in turn leads to action to heal the planet. As well, the development in this paper of Eco-Justic Theology, a Judeo-Christian framework based on Deep Ecological interpretations is ground-breaking. This study explains that Deep Ecology can be incorporated into many different traditions, though ultimately, it speaks to individuals' spirituality. This is why Deep Ecology is our best hope for motivating human societies towards change in a direction based on ecocentrism.


© Copyright 1994 Daniel B. Jacobs