This thesis will attempt to evaluate the moral beliefs of the Roman Catholic Church and the Pro-choice movement on the topic of abortion and Reproductive rights. The methodology of this study will present the claims of each position and explain the fundamental moral aspects that support. After stating the claims of each of the arguments the paper will examine the validity of the claims that each side presents. The Roman Catholic and pro-life perspective will show the religious morality of the pro-life group and conclude that abortion is immoral because abortion is the wrongful taken of innocent lives a view derived from the Bible and show how Catholics value and support the right to life in all cases. The Pro-choice position will offer examples of the reasoning behind abortions and the need for them in the society of the United States. It will present the fact that life does begin at conception, but the fetus is not viable and therefore does not have more legal rights than the mother. This methodology will support the view that abortions are justifiable and arbortion should be a reproductive option for women at any time during their pregnancy.


Choo, Ah-Seng


Religious Studies

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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis

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