This independent study project examined two sets of predictors of stress; individual differences and environmental characteristics, combined in the occupational setting of nurses' aides who care for elderly residents in long-term institutions (Parkes, 1986). The seven specific independent predictors or variables, shown through seven hypotheses statements, were supported by an integrated conceptual framework model. Formulated by Motowidlo, Manning and Packard (1986), the model emphasized occupational stress in conjunction with the above mentioned two sets of predictors. Although three long-term care facilities were selected as the research institutions, only two local centers, the Wayne County Care Center and Smithville Western Care Center, were, ultimately, used to collaborate a random sample of nurses' aides. By distributing questionnaires to thirty-seven aides, information pertaining to the seven hypotheses was collected. Results showed only two of the hypotheses significant. For future research, it is suggested that researchers increase the sample size to provide more conclusive results. By studying urban and rural institutions, this could be accomplished. More emphasis placed on potential occupational situations would create a broad spectrum in which individual differences and environmental characteristics could be studied.


Blair, Robert


Sociology and Anthropology

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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis

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