This thesis explores the attitudes of College of Wooster students regarding black-white interracial marriage, attempting to correlate those attitudes with the amount of contact with members of the opposite race, with interracial couples themselves, and with perceptions of race relations between blacks and whites. This was done through the distribution of a questionnaire which measured the above variables to fifty white and fifty black College of Wooster students. Results varied, but showed that the relationship between perceptions of race relations and the level of acceptance of interracial couples was the strongest, while the relationship between the amount of contact with interracial couples and the level of acceptance of the couples was the weakest. Further research is suggested, using a larger sample as well as a random sample of a larger population. Further research may explore the relationship between race relations and levels of acceptance of black-white marriages to test if the relationship found can be further substantiated.


Kershaw, Terry


Sociology and Anthropology

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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis

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