This study identifies dominant narratives and examines how they influenced synthesis and expression of personal experiences during the summer of 2020. My study focuses on a relatively recent time period and strives to incorporate media influence in its analysis. I conducted recorded narrative interviews and proceeded to upload them to a digital archive that can be found at woosterdigital.org/2020summerstories/. There were several prominent findings, including the overwhelming influence of cultural narratives on participant’s stories and the different organizational strategies used to construct personal narratives. By creating an archive using the Omeka web application, I hope to provide a resource that captures the essence of this historical moment by documenting shared experiences and presenting it to the public in a creative and engaging manner that leaves visitors changed for the better.


Nikoi, Nii


Communication Studies


Communication Technology and New Media | Critical and Cultural Studies | International and Intercultural Communication


Narrative, Storytelling, Pandemic, Black Lives Matter, Media, COVID-19, 2020, Protest

Publication Date


Degree Granted

Bachelor of Arts

Document Type

Senior Independent Study Thesis



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