The recent increase of online learning because of the COVID-19 pandemic has spurred an interest in understanding the most beneficial way to teach students online. The lack of social interaction in an online learning setting may create an obstacle for students who depend on social interaction to learn. Previous research has found that providing students with multiple routes of delivering content promotes learning (Mayer, 2014; Nancekivell et al., 2020; Paivio, 2014). This study aims to explore social dependent and independent learning styles and different content delivery formats to assess their learning. A total of 75 college students were randomly given either a text passage or a video format, a learning assessment, and the Social Dependence Learning Scale to categorize their learning style into social dependent, social independent or neutral. The results indicate that social dependent learners scored significantly higher on the content quiz when given the video instead of the text passage. These findings suggest that using video content delivery in an online learning environment can support social dependent students and do not impact social independent students. This study can be beneficial for educators when designing their online class instruction and help them support students who may be at a disadvantage learning online.


Colvin, Michelle




Educational Psychology


online learning, social interaction, learning styles, multimedia, collaboration

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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis



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