This study aims to determine whether we as a society, are living through a New Cold War. The overall hypothesis of this study is that yes, we are living through a New Cold War. This hypothesis is based on perceived similarities between the original Cold War and the Modern Era, with the tension of each era being the dependent variable being compared. The points of comparison and independent variables are grand strategy compatibility, type of rhetoric, and type of nuclear strategy. This study systematically analyzes each variable during five-year time periods during the Cold War and eight-year periods during the New Cold War. The findings of this study are that based on the comparison of the variables, we are living through a New Cold War, although direct causation and therefore a concrete conclusion could not be drawn. This study found that grand strategy and rhetoric in each era had similar effects on the tension and had similar inputs while nuclear strategy did not seem to have a strong correlation with tension, especially during the latter half of this studies time period. The culmination of the interaction between these variables led to the conclusion that we are living through a New Cold War.


Valdez, John


Political Science


Comparative Politics | Defense and Security Studies | International Relations | Peace and Conflict Studies

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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis



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