This study aimed to understand the relationship and influence between certain identity traits of fans (college students) and Female Rap Artists. Various concepts involving participants enjoyment/engagement with rap in general, female rappers, lyrics, music videos and identity trait importance were measured. Some of these concepts include approval of sexual identity performance by female rap artists, social identity and racial identity. Along with these identity factors that were assessed, a few demographic questions such as class year and ethnicity were considered. Participants were asked to fill out an anonymous electronic survey. Results showed that those who are fans and listen to female rap artists have an increase in their approval of sexual identity performance by female rap artists. A few demographic questions yielded a significant difference in regards to racial pride in individuals. These results indicate that listening to female rap artists can have an effect on fans identity traits. It is important to understand and acknowledge that not every fan will share the same importance to certain identity traits, as well as not every fan will engage with female rap artists the same way . This study aims to contribute to the literature that proposes that rap music and artists can have an effect on the way fans develop their identities.


Weller, Melissa


Communication Studies


Gender, Race, Sexuality, and Ethnicity in Communication | Other Communication


Sexual Identity, Racial Identity, Social Identity, Female Rap Artists

Publication Date


Degree Granted

Bachelor of Arts

Document Type

Senior Independent Study Thesis



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