This study investigated the role of the innate immune system for neurodegeneration in tau pathology. We hypothesized that the innate immune response was required for the rough eye phenotype (REP) produced with the expression of human tau in the Drosophila retina. Several crosses were used in the study including, dl/ GMR>htau, Cactus/ GMR>htau, tl-r3/GMR>htau, RelE20/GMR>htau, and cactus/GMR>htau. Images of the Drosophila eyes were taken with a light microscope. The average area of the Drosophila eye was measured, and significant differences were found to be between dl/ GMR>htau and Cactus/ GMR>htau crosses and GMR>htau flies. In addition, the discoloration and rough appearance observed with the GMR>htau fly eyes was not observed in any of the crosses. The results suggest that the innate immune response is required for the expression of the rough eye phenotype.


Kelly, Seth



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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis



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