Constructive feedback, different coaching methods, and observational learning have been demonstrated to have an impact in the teaching and acquisition of new motor skills. In our study, two different methods of assistance in learning how to shoot a free throw properly. The impact on the performance of each participant was recorded. Forty-four College of Wooster students were randomly assigned into two groups: a video group and a coaching/feedback group. Each participant initially shot 20 free throws with a regulation size basketball. After the initial shooting, participants were exposed to an instructional video or coaching/feedback, and then attempted their second set of 20 shots. Statistical analyses showed that there was a significant difference between groups, and the coaching/feedback group’s difference of scores were significantly higher than the video only group. In addition, statistical analyses also showed there was a significant difference between men and women in the pre- and post-test performance. Results are discussed in terms of the effectiveness of live interaction and feedback on the development of athletic ability.


Casey, Michael



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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis



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