Patterns of parenting styles have an influence on the academic achievements of adolescents, but this research will examine the effects on college students’ academic achievement and personality. Many other factors outside the home such as one's environment and their own internal motivation could play a vital role in their own academic achievement and overall success. To investigate the effects, a parental authority questionnaire, an IPIP measure personality test, and an academic motivation scale was used to assess the potential correlations. The findings of this present research are that there is a significant positive correlation between students that are intrinsically motivated in relation to a high grade point average. Even though this result was not depicted as significant in the data, it was approaching significance as there seemed to be a correlation between authoritative parenting in accordance with high grade point averages. Whereas, an individual with a conscientious personality did display the data approaching significance in relation to a high grade point average, but not quite. It can be inferred that someone with a conscientious personality may indeed possess the study habits and ability to perform academically well on assignments. This study highlights the importance of parental styles and one’s motivation on how that can have an impact on their overall academic performance in college.


Casey, Michael




Developmental Psychology | Personality and Social Contexts


academic achievement, motivation, parenting styles

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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis



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