Within the last 3-4 decades, there seems to be a higher emphasis and demand on corporations addressing social needs and demands in means of production. Whether it be dealings with environmental issues, safe and healthy work environment, or “big money” corporations just to give back to under developed areas, the public have shown to hold increasing demands for corporations to address and have some sort of social responsible. In the world of professional sports, the business side and the way franchises are ran are of growing interest as well. A lot of what happens in the professional sports world is also made public just because of all the constant media attention the sports industry sees and the celebrity status that all the big name players, coaches, and team executives hold. Corporate Social Responsibility in the world of professional sports is a topic of study that has begun to scratch the surface but has hit the ground running. This study’s focus is to analyze Carroll’s (1979; 1991) definitions and use his model of Corporate Social Responsibility in professional sports through the National Football League (NFL). More specifically, that NFL teams conduct CSR to increase their profits. NFL teams will see this increase in profits because CSR will have a positive influence on loyalty. CSR will increase the loyalty in fans, this increase in loyalty will decrease price sensitivity in the customers, to where teams can raise prices without seeing much change. All of this resulting raising profits. These study’s findings were found to be inconclusive and potentially Corporate Social Responsibility could have a negative effect on loyalty, creating a stationary or negative effect on profits.


Moledina, Amyaz

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Wu, Sophie




Business Administration, Management, and Operations | Econometrics | Management Sciences and Quantitative Methods | Other Business | Other Economics | Sports Management

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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis



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