In the 21st century, human has changed and made business become more competitive than ever. It is not about which companies or brands have better products anymore, it is about who can approach and attract more customers. This is when marketing becomes more serious for every business. Marketing certainly played an important role in the past but since technology was not good at that time, it was very hard to get the news to consumers. However, in the 21st century, when technology has improved for both consumers and sellers, it is a lot easier to get in touch with the news. So instead of putting a lot of effort to improve or make new products, companies and brands have started the race to approach more customers. Because approaching more customers means that your business has a higher chance of selling the product. But the profit of marketing is huge, and the cost of it is a lot cheaper than making a new product or improving an old product. Instead of spending a long time developing a new product to get more sales, businesses only need a few hours to run ads and communicate with the customer to make them buy the products. Not only saving time and effort for businesses to increase sales, but marketing also helps brands announce the new products to the public in very effective ways. The consumer also get benefits from marketing because they can know more about the products and compare the price of different brands so they can get a good deal. Overall, marketing is the main strategy to increase profit for all businesses in the 21st century, but in order to get the maximum profit out of marketing, I need to do some research.


Merkle, Jessica


Business Economics


Advertising and Promotion Management

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