Beginning with defining key terms and concepts of political science- such as democracy, democratization, emerging democracies, political stability, political instability, religious extremist groups, religious extremist groups’ activities, and religious extremist groups’ act of violence. The study uses the theory of democratic resilience based on the literature synthesizing prior explanations for political crisis and political stability in emerging democracies. To test this, this research analyzes Turkey as a case study. The result demonstrates the strong support of its predictions based on the response to the political crisis in emerging democracies. The test result concludes that emerging democracies restrict their democratic norms after the political crisis. Furthermore, the findings provide insights into the religious extremist groups’ potential causes of the political crisis and then negatively impact the country’s democratic norms. Thus, this independent study demonstrates the importance of the political crisis and its adverse effects on emerging democracies’ norms and therefore has largely interesting implications for the study of political science.


Davis, Erik


Political Science


Arts and Humanities


Democracy, Democratic Institutions, Democratic Norms, Emerging Democracy, Military Coup, Political Crises, Political Instability, Political Stability, Religious Extremist Groups, Turkey.

Publication Date


Degree Granted

Bachelor of Arts

Document Type

Senior Independent Study Thesis


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