This independent study focuses on the themes and realities of what it means to be an exile. Throughout, I will explore topics including specific Latin histories, modern history, and a deep dive on the playwright herself all the while demonstrating my ability to connect with the text and deeply analyze its meaning. It will be through this textual analysis and historical research that I will uncover the meanings behind Carmen Aguirre’s clever writing in her play Anywhere but Here. Specifically looking at what the play reveals in regard to what it means to be an exile. I draw connections to the real world, Aguirre herself, and the larger issues at hand. Lastly, a note that this play includes historical references to Donald Trump and General Pinochet and mentions of possible triggering historical events.


Huston-Findley, Shirley


Theatre and Dance

Publication Date


Degree Granted

Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis


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