Submissions from 2017

Beyond the Mentor-Mentee Model: A Case for Multi-Mentoring in Undergraduate Research, Brittany A. Nicholson, Meagen Pollock, Caroline J. Ketcham, Heather M. Fitz Gibbon, Evan D. Bradley, and Michelle Bata

Submissions from 2014

Geochemical and lithostratigraphic constraints on the formation of pillow-dominated tindars from Undirhlíðar quarry, Reykjanes Peninsula, southwest Iceland, Meagen Pollock, Benjamin Edwards, Steinunn Hauksdóttir, Rebecca Alcorn, and Lindsey Bowman

Submissions from 2013

A Warming-Induced Biome Shift Detected in Tree Growth of Mountain Hemlock [Tsuga Mertensiana (Bong.) Carrière] Along the Gulf of Alaska, Stephanie Jarvis, Greg Wiles, Sarah Appleton, R. D'Arrigo, and D. Lawson

Tree-Ring-Based Reconstructions of North American Glacier Mass Balance through the Little Ice Age - Contemporary Warming Transition, N. L. Malcomb and Greg C. Wiles

An Evaluation of Mesodon and other larger Terrestrial Gastropod Shells for Dating Late Holocene and Historic Alluvium in the Midwestern USA, M. T. Rakovan, J. A. Rech, J. S. Pigati, J. C. Nekola, and Greg C. Wiles

Chondrichthyans from the Menuha Formation (Late Cretaceous: Santonian-Early Campanian) of the Makhtesh Ramon Region, Southern Israel, Andrew Retzler, Mark Wilson Mr, and Y. Avni

An Event Bed with Abundant Skolithos Burrows from the Late Pridoli (Silurian) of Saaremaa (Estonia), O. Vinn and Mark Wilson Mr

Submissions from 2012

New Tethyan Apiocrinitidae (Crinoidea, Articulata) from the Jurassic of Israel, W. I. Ausich and Mark Wilson Mr

Crinoids from the Silurian of Western Estonia, W. I. Ausich, Mark Wilson Mr, and O. Vinn

Jurassic Rhynchonellide Brachiopods from the Jordan Valley, H. R. Feldman, M. Schemm-Gregory, F. Ahmad, and Mark Wilson Mr

Mentored Undergraduate Research in the Geosciences, Shelley Judge, Meagen A. Pollock, Greg Wiles, and Mark Wilson Mr

Finichnus, A New Name For The Ichnogenus Leptichnus, P. D. Taylor, Mark Wilson Mr, and R. G. Bromley

Encrustation and Bioerosion on Late Sheinwoodian (Wenlock, Silurian) Stromatoporoids from Saaremaa, Estonia, O. Vinn and Mark Wilson Mr

Epi- and Endobionts on the Late Silurian (Early Pridoli) Stromatoporoids from Saaremaa Island, Estonia, O. Vinn and Mark Wilson Mr

Tree-Ring Investigations into Changing Climatic Responses of Yellow-Cedar, Glacier Bay, Alaska, Greg C. Wiles, Colin R. Mennett, Stephanie K. Jarvis, R. D. D'Arrigo, Nicholas Wiesenberg, and D. E. Lawson

Origin, Palaeoecology and Stratigraphic Significance of Bored and Encrusted Concretions from the Upper Cretaceous (Santonian) of Southern Israel, Mark Wilson Mr, M. Zaton, and Y. Avni

Unusual Tubular Fossils Associated with Microbial Crusts from The Middle Jurassic of Poland: Agglutinated Polychaete Worm Tubes?, M. ZatoÅ, Y. Kano, Mark Wilson Mr, and P. Filipiak

Middle Jurassic (Bathonian) Encrusted Oncoids from the Polish Jura, Southern Poland, M. Zatoá, B. Kremer, L. Marynowski, Mark Wilson Mr, and W. Krawczyáski

Redescription and Neotype Designation of the Middle Devonian Microconchid (Tentaculita) Species 'Spirorbis' Angulatus Hall, 1861, M. Zatoá, Mark Wilson Mr, and O. Vinn

Submissions from 2011

Tree-Ring Dating of the Nineteenth-Century Advance of Brady Glacier and the Evolution of Two Ice-Marginal Lakes, Alaska, D. M. Capps, Greg C. Wiles, J. J. Clague, and B. H. Luckman

Deglaciation, Basin Formation and Post-Glacial Climate Change from a Regional Network of Sediment Core Sites in Ohio and Eastern Indiana, K. C. Glover, T. V. Lowell, Greg C. Wiles, D. Pair, P. Applegate, and I. Hajdas

The First Jurassic Thecideide Brachiopods from the Middle East: a New Species of Moorellina from the Upper Callovian of Hamakhtesh Hagadol, Southern Israel, C. Krawczyáski and Mark Wilson Mr

Sea-Level Oscillations During the Last Interglacial Highstand Recorded by Bahamas Corals, W. G. Thompson, H. Allen Curran, Mark Wilson Mr, and B. White

Tree-Ring Dates on Two Pre-Little Ice Age Advances in Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve, Alaska, Usa, Greg C. Wiles, D. E. Lawson, E. Lyon, Nicholas Wiesenberg, and R. D. D'Arrigo

A New Microconchid Tubeworm from The Artinskian (Lower Permian) of Central Texas, Usa, Mark Wilson Mr, O. Vinn, and T. E. Yancey

Origin and Paleoecology of Middle Jurassic Hiatus Concretions from Poland, M. Zatoá, S. Machocka, Mark Wilson Mr, L. Marynowski, and P. D. Taylor

Diverse Sclerozoan Assemblages Encrusting Large Bivalve Shells from the Callovian (Middle Jurassic) of Southern Poland, M. Zatoá, Mark Wilson Mr, and Elyse Zavar

Submissions from 2010

Borings in Quartzite Surf Boulders from The Upper Cambrian Basal Deadwood Formation, Black Hills of South Dakota, M. E. Johnson, Mark Wilson Mr, and J. A. Redden

Holocene Glacial History of College Fjord, South-Central Alaska, J. A. Santos, L. J. Cunha, C. E. Cordova, and Greg C. Wiles

Evolution of Biomineralization in Lophophorates, P. D. Taylor, O. Vinn, and Mark Wilson Mr

Endosymbiotic Cornulites In The Sheinwoodian (Early Silurian) Stromatoporoids Of Saaremaa, Estonia, O. Vinn and Mark Wilson Mr

Microconchid-Dominated Hardground Association from the Late Pridoli (Silurian) of Saaremaa, Estonia, O. Vinn and Mark Wilson Mr

Occurrence of Giant Borings of Osprioneides Kampto in the Lower Silurian (Sheinwoodian) Stromatoporoids of Saaremaa, Estonia, O. Vinn and Mark Wilson Mr

Sabellid-Dominated Shallow Water Calcareous Polychaete Tubeworm Association from the Equatorial Tethys Ocean (Matmor Formation, Middle Jurassic, Israel), O. Vinn and Mark Wilson Mr

A Review of Lichenometric Dating of Glacial Moraines in Alaska, Greg C. Wiles, D. J. Barclay, and N. Young

Bioerosion In An Equatorial Middle Jurassic Coral-Sponge Reef Community (Callovian, Matmor Formation, Southern Israel), Mark Wilson Mr, H. R. Feldman, and Elyssa B. Krivicich

A Large Coral Reef in the Pennsylvanian of Ziyun County, Guizhou (South China): the Substrate and Initial Colonization Environment of Reef-Building Corals, Y. Zhang, E. Gong, Mark Wilson Mr, C. Guan, and B. Sun