Jurassic Rhynchonellide Brachiopods from the Jordan Valley

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Jurassic rhynchonellide brachiopods from the Jordan Valley are herein revised and new taxa are added to the faunal list. In this study of Jurassic rhynchonellides from Wadi Zarqa, northwestern Jordan, we recognize the following taxa: Eurysites rotundus, Cymatorhynchia quadriplicata, Daghanirhynchia triangulata, D. angulocostata, Pycnoria magna, Schizoria elongata, and Schizoria cf. intermedia. The following new taxa are described: Daghanirhynchia susanae sp. nov. and Amydroptychus markowitzi sp. nov. The Middle Jurassic Mughanniyya Formation of northwest Jordan is dominated by limestone beds. The sedimentary environment is interpreted as neritic, light, and nutrient-rich resulting in high faunal diversity. The high rhynchonellide endemism of this fauna is yet another confirmation of pronounced Middle Jurassic endemism along the southern Tethyan margin of the Ethiopian Province. Brachiopods of the Jordanian Mughanniyya Formation can be correlated with the fauna of the Aroussiah Formation in Sinai and the Zohar and Matmor formations in Southern Israel.


Brachiopoda, Jordan, Jurassic, Mughanniyya Formation, Rhynchonellida

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