Epi- and Endobionts on the Late Silurian (Early Pridoli) Stromatoporoids from Saaremaa Island, Estonia

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A diverse sclerobiont com mu nity is described from the Kaugatuma Formation (lower Pridoli) of Saaremaa, Estonia. The stromatoporoid sub strates studied here vary from low-domical to high-domical shapes. The community is numerically dominated by microconchids, which may have been char acter is tic of the sclerobiont fauna in the Pridoli of Baltica. Palaeoconchusaff. tenuis, Anticalyptraea calyptrata, Aulopora sp., sheet-like bryo zoans, branch ing bryo zoans, erect bryo zoan hold fasts, rugosans, favositids, discoidal cri noid hold fasts, starlike cri noid hold fasts and sheet-like stromatoporoids en crust the domical stromatoporoids. Endobionts are represented by embedded, sym bi otic rugosans, Aulopora sp., and two rare borings Trypanites.

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