Theatricality and Terrorism in Alberto Miralles's Los Amantes Del Demonio [Teatralidad Y Terrorismo En Los Amantes Del Demonio De Alberto Miralles]

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In Los amantes del demonio (2003), Alberto Miralles examines the personal and social motives behind terrorism and the codes of behavior of those who are involved in terrorist acts. Terrorism, a concept that is much more illusory and ethereal than concrete and tangible, and theater, where what is and what appears to be are inextricably interrelated, are characterized by the immediacy of action and dramatic effect. Capitalizing on this parallelism, Miralles combines form and content and text and context to explore an unsettling feature of the human condition. In Los amantes del demonio, the analogy between the terrorist act and theatrical act serve to create a penetrating image of a disturbing reality of our time and to present a critical perspective of reflection with the purpose of denouncing that same reality.

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