Distribution of Conichnus and Amphorichnus in the Lower Paleozoic of Estonia (Baltica)

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Conichnus conicus and Amphorichnus papillatus occur in clay-rich carbonate rocks in the Ordovician of Estonia. Conichnus conicusalso occurs in clay-rich carbonates of the early Silurian of Estonia. Lateral adjustment traces are more common in C. conicus than previously recorded. The lack of adjustment traces in Amphorichnus, together with its morphology, does not support synonymy of Conichnus and Amphorichnus. The Conichnus conicus and Amphorichnus papillatus tracemakers preferred shallow water carbonate environments with high clay content. They were rare or did not occur in deeper water muddy environments or where shallow water carbonates accumulated. A high content of volcanic ash in the depositional environment is characteristic of both the Ordovician and Silurian maxima of Conichnus conicus occurrence. C. conicus may have been more common in the temperate seas of Baltica than in the tropics.



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