Occurrence of Giant Borings of Osprioneides Kampto in the Lower Silurian (Sheinwoodian) Stromatoporoids of Saaremaa, Estonia

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The distribution of Osprioneides is more environmentally limited than that of Trypanites in the Silurian of Baltica. Osprioneides probably occurred only in large hard substrates of relatively deepwater muddy bottom open shelf environments. Osprioneides were relatively rare, occurring in 4.7% of all stromatoporoid specimens in that environment, in contrast to small Trypanites- Palaeosabella borings, which occur in 88.4% of stromatoporoids and 88.9% of heliolitid corals. Osprioneides is reported only from the lower Sheinwoodian stromatoporoids of the exposed Silurian of Saaremaa (Wenlock to Pridoli). Osprioneides borings probably played a minor role in the general bioerosion in the Silurian of Baltica. © Taylor & Francis Group, LLC.

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