The Education Crisis in French West Africa (1944-1950) [La Crise De L'Enseignement En Afrique Occidentale Française (1944-1950)]

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After the Second World War, school reform became a major issue in French West Africa (FWA). The colonial schools of the Third Republic were called into question at the 1944 Brazzaville Conference and over the following years there were bitter struggles to define the meaning of the school reform. Until now, these struggles, which involved the colonial administration, African elected representatives and the French Ministry of Education, have not been the object of an in-depth study. Amidst conflict, these controversies gave birth to the implementation of an education system similar to that found in France Itself. Paradoxically, in a period which is often associated with the beginnings of decolonlalization, FWA witnessed an unprecedented educational centralization.

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