Two New Plant-Breeding Frog Species (Anura: Mantellidae, Guibemantis) from Southeastern Madagascar

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Based on morphology, advertisement calls and DNA sequences, we describe two new species of plant-breeding frogs in the genus Guibemantis (subgenus Pandanusicola) from coastal rainforests in southeastern Madagascar. Guibemantis annulatus sp. nov. is most similar to G. punctatus but differs in having a lighter background colour on the dorsum, smaller and more regularly rounded spots on the dorsum, conspicuous light "rings" just proximal to each toe or fnger disc, a longer femur, tibia and foot, a wider head, larger femoral glands (in males), a greater internarial distance and large genetic differences. Guibemantis wattersoni sp. nov. is most similar to G. bicalcaratus but differs in having a larger body size, a larger tympanum, two conspicuous parallel rostral lines and conspicuous light "rings" just proximal to each toe or fnger disc, in the characteristics of the advertisement calls and in large genetic differences. Also, unlike the described character state of all other known Pandanusicola, these species have completely separated paired subgular vocal sacs. Both of these new species are only found in phytotelms (typically in Pandanus plants), where they breed. Both new species also appear to be regional endemics and are of immediate conservation concern. We also redescribe G. punctatus based on new topotypical material and discuss the identity of G. bicalcaratus and other available names.


Amphibia, Guibemantis annulatus, Guibemantis wattersoni, Pandanusicola, Phylogeny, Taxonomy

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