A Middle Ordovician Crinoid from the Beach Gravels of Ristna Cape, Hiiumaa Island, Estonia

S. K. Donovan, Naturalis Biodiversity Center
W. I. Ausich, The Ohio State University
Mark Wilson Mr, The College of Wooster
M. E. Peter, Ohio State University


Reworked fossils may be exotic, but more typically are locally derived. Echinoderms have only rarely been identified from beach clasts; most commonly, these are Upper Cretaceous echinoids from the Chalk. A pebble collected from a beach in Estonia has yielded a moderately well preserved specimen of the crinoid stem, Baltocrinus (col.) antiquus (Eichwald). This species is typical of the Baltic region, only being known from the Middle Ordovician (Darriwilian) of Estonia, but is exotic because the local outcrop is Upper Ordovician to Silurian. © 2013 The Geologists' Association.