Submissions from 2017

Ceding control: an experimental analysis of participatory management, Philip Mellizo, Jeffrey Carpenter, and Peter Hans Matthews

Submissions from 2016

School Infrastructure and Educational Outcomes: A Literature Review, with Special References to Latin America, Ana Cuesta, Paul Glewwe, and Brooke L. Krause

Fuelling financial literacy: estimating the impact of youth entrepreneurship training in Tanzania, Brooke L. Krause, Aine Seitz McCarthy, and David Chapman

Submissions from 2014

“I Would Like to Live a Better Life:” How Young Mothers Experience Entrepreneurship Education in East Africa, Elisabeth E. Lefebvre, Amy Pekol, and Brooke L. Krause

Workplace democracy in the lab, Philip Mellizo, Jeffrey Carpenter, and Peter Hans Matthews


Amish Economic Transformations: New Forms of Income and Wealth Distribution in a Traditionally “Flat” Community, Amyaz A. Moledina, David L. McConnell, Stephanie A. Sugars, and Bailey R. Connor

Submissions from 2013

The Relative Effect of Voice, Autonomy, and the Wage on Satisfaction with Work, M. D. Carr and Phil Mellizo