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World War, 1939-1945; Letter writing; United States. Army


Letter of recommendation for Sgt. Robert D. Davis and T/5 Ernest J. Brady Jr. to be discharged. To Director, Office of Military Government for Bavaria. "Continued application for discharge. Signed by Eldon Debro Capt., TD Deputy Director. Handwritten note (by Davis) saying he does not think he'll be discharged" Letter of recommendation for Sgt. Robert D. Davis and Tec 5 Ernest J. Brady Jr. for jobs in Military Government




Stadt- & Landkreis Ingolstadt

APO 403

24 January 1946

SUBJECT : Letter of Recommendation

TO : Director, Office of Military Government for Bavaria, Detachment E-201, APO 403, U. S. Army (ATTN: Special Branch Office)

  1. It is recommended that the following named Enlisted Men be discharged from Service, and granted Civilian Employment as Investigators for Special Branch, Office of Military Government Bavaria:
    1. Sgt. Robert D. Davis, 18107121,
    2. T/5 Ernest J. Brady, Jr., 39528746.
    3. Qualifications of both Enlisted Men for investigative work in Military Government are exceptional and based on following factors:
      1. Continual duty as investigators and interpreters throughout all phases of Military Government in Germany, from November 1944 (in the case of T/5 Brady) and December 1944 (in the case of Sgt. Davis) to the present.

1) Both men have been on duty with this Detachment, under my command, from early spearhead operations to final static phase operative in Ingolstadt.

2) Both men are superior interpreters and diligent students of the German language.

3) The experience afforded subject Enlisted Men during the cited periods of Military Government duty has been con-fined to no one phase or types of operations, but is of an extraordinarily diverse and wide-range field.

a) Both have performed as Special Branch (or equivalent, prior to activation of Special Branch Section in 1944) operatives, investigators and evaluators.

b) Both have acted as interpreters for the undersigned during every type of Military Government operation.

c) Both have worked in close collaboration with, and, on occasion, as attached members of various CIC Detachments throughout Germany and have consistently performed in a superior manner.

  1. In addition to such duty as described above, both Enlisted Men have been placed in frequent positions of authority nor-mally delegated to Officers for the purpose of discharging Military Government functions, have reached decisions uniformly

1st Ind

OMG for Sk-Lk Ingolstadt, Det G237, APO 403, US Army

31 January 1946

TO : OMG for Bavaria, APO 403, US Army (ATTN: Civ Personnel Office)

  1. ASR; 75.
  2. Sick Record; duty unbroken by single day of sickness.
  3. Assigned Record; Continuous duty with Detachment 17E3, redesigned G237, from Dec. 44 to present.
  4. Character; excellent: efficiency rating;
  5. Approved. Attention is invited to inclosed letter of recommendation written for applicant by Director before his departure on furlough.


Capt., TD



2 Incl.: Form 57 (1)

Letter of Recommendation (2)

Telephone : Ingolstadt 721-722

Here it all is folks.

Don’t worry. I don’t think I’ll get anything in spite of the words.


Recommendation for Discharge, 1946 January 24



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