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World War, 1939-1945; United States--Army


Griffin writes about his new location in Guislatt, Germany, a very small town 40 miles east of Munich. He mentions that he hopes "Bob" (Robert D. Davis) will be stationed near him so they can see each other. He thinks it is possible since "Bob" is no longer is the 29th and the army is to occupy southern Germany. Griffin writes about working with someone named Jerry. He describes how on Oct. 13th they boarded ships and left the next day and arrives in Marseille on Oct. 28th, in a boat named the "Sea Robin" renamed the "Sea Bab." They then crossed France in 5 days and went into combat on Nov. 20th.


Pfc. John T Griffin # 18107255

Btsy B 500th AFA BN

APO 446

c/o Pm New York, NY

Mrs. R.L Davis

1619 Boston Ave

Muskogee, Okla.

Jas. Fuller


1st uncensored

May 24, 1945

Dear Mr. Davis:

Perhaps you have notices that this letter doesn’t have a censor mark. Now the only censorship our mail has is an occasional checking by the back Censor. We can tell almost anything now.

We have moved 3 times since the war ended. Now we are located in the village of Guislatt which is so small that it couldn’t be formal or anything but a large scale map. The nearest town of any size is assending – another fairly large town, mail day, is fairly close. We were there when then war ended. Rough we are 40 miles east of Munich. I can hardly wait to learn where Bob is. Maybe he will be near here as he is no longer in the 29th and Southern Germany is the part we are to occupy. We could never have the luck to be near each other tho.

Jerry and I nearly ran on to each other. His division and mine worked together for awhile and of friend and that he come 2 miles from me. He said he was right across the street from me . Both time me after moved out before the other could get there. Then we came even closer. Once, he said, we passed right by him while he came seeing a movie. He didn’t come out until just after we had passed. Such luck. He had just transferred from the 1st to the 3rd army and I had just transferred to the 3rd from the 7th.

In one letter you said you when we sailed etc. I can tell you now. We boarded a ship at New York Friday Oct 13. We left the next day and landed in Marsuille Oct 28 – 14 days sea. Our ship was a brand new C-2 or 3 (I don’t remember) named the Sea Robin + renamed by us the Sea Bob. We crossed France in 40 + 8 taking 5 days and went into Combat Nov. 20. The day we landed the 14th AD was welcomed by Burlin Sally. Big

That’s about all the new.


Griffin Letter, 1945 May 24


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