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World War, 1939-1945; United States--Army


Recommendation for Award of Bronze Star. Written by Leslie H. Norins and sent to the Commanding General, Ninth U.S. Army, APO 339, U.S. Army. "Continued recommendation of Bronze Star Medal. Approved by John L. Freeman. Major F.A., Actg Hil. Gov. Officer" Handwritten note on recto of form. It says that Norris "wrote one for all of us."


Military Government

Detachment I7E3

APO 658

16 June 1945

Subject: Recommendation for Award of Bronze Star Medal.

To: Commanding General, Ninth United States Army, APO 339, U. S. Army.

Thru: Commanding General, 29th United States Infantry Division, APO 29, U. S. Army.

    1. It is recommended that Pfc. Robert D. Davis 18107121, Interpreter, Military Government Detachment I7E3, be awarded the Bronze Star Medal.
    2. Pfc. Davis was serving as a Pfc. In the position of interpreter at the time of the act of service for which this award is recommended.
    3. Name and address of nearest relative: Mother, Mrs. R.L. Davis, 1619 Boston Avenue, Muskogee, Oklahoma.
    4. Entered military service from: Norman, Oklahoma
    5. Decorations previously awarded: None
    6. The entire service of Pfc Davis has been honorable since the rendition by him of the act or service upon which this recommendation is based.
    7. A similar recommendation for this individual has not been submitted.
      1. The officer recommending this award was eyewitness to the act of service upon which this recommendation was based.
      2. This recommendation is supported by official letters, certified copies of which are inclosed.
        1. For Bronze Star Medal: Pfc. Robert D. Davis while serving with the Army of the United States, distinguished himself by heroic or meritorious achievement or service in connection with military operations not involving aerial flight against an enemy of the United States:

(1) Between 16 November 1944 and 3 May 1945 Military Government Detachment I7E3 was in operation as Spearhead Detachment for the 29th United States Infantry Division. Pfc. Davis was assigned to the Detachment on 21 December 1944 and acted in the capacity of interpreter for the Detachment. In addition to his other duties, Pfc. Davis acted as Investigator, Public Safety Assistant. Displaced Persons Assistant, and frequently in a position otherwise to be occupied by an officer.

Throughout the entire period Pfc. Davis served in his various capacities in an excellent or superior manner, discharging his duties tirelessly and with uniformly successful results. In Alsdorf, Schaufenberg, Hoongen, Mariadorf, Holzweiler, Immerath, Jakerath, and surrounding areas, moving with

(copy- the damn things for service troops are all politics- not a chance to have gotten thru’!)

Division Headquarters, all his duties were performed under enemy fire at frequent intervals. The operations of a Spearhead Military Government Detachment entailed constant move, the control of Displaced Persons, Refugees, and Civilians, the establishment of government and law and order, the clearing of civilians from the path of the military, the rapid rehabilitation of essential utilities, the sersening of enemy nationals, the servicing through civilian contacts of Division personnel with essential housing, facilities, supplies, and the apprehension, charging and guarding of civilians violating Military Government Law who were brought to trial.

The superior record of the Detachment attained during its duty with the 29th Infantry Division was due, in great measure, to the achievements of Pfc. Davis.

(2) Pfc. Davis was not wounded.

(3) Results directly attributable to the actions and services rendered by Pfc. Davis were the benefits and aid realized by the Division in the success with which the Detachment was enabled to establish rapid Military Government jurisdiction in each area under its control, to maintain law and order, and to relieve the tactical units of the Division of the necessity of constant direct supervision of civilians during tactical phases.

  1. Proposed citation: A Bronze Star Medal is awarded for meritorious service in connection with military operations against an enemy of the United States during the periods indicated to:

Private First Class Robert D. Davis, 18107131, Detachment I7E3, 3rd European Civil Affairs Dogiment, United States Army. 21 December 1944 to 3 May 1945, in Germany.

Leslie H. Norins

Capt., CE


2 Incls.: Incl 1-True Copy, Ltr, Reteution Mil Gov Pers

Incl 2-True Copy , Ltr, Commendation

1st Ind.

Military Government Section, HQ. 29th INF. Div, A. P. O. 29, U. S. Army

To: Commanding General, 29th Infantry Div, A. P. O. 29. U. S. Army.

  1. Approved

John L. Freeman.

Major F. A.,

Actg Mil. Gov. Officer

It shows how Norins would go to bats for us. He wrote one for all of us.

Bronze Star Award Recommendation, 1945 June 16



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