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World War, 1939-1945; New Year's Day; New Year's Eve; Focke-Wulf 190 (Fighter planes)


Davis describes his New Year's Eve: setting off fireworks (some of which were bombs), and how much he had to drink. He writes of his New Year's Day: enemy planes, receiving mail from his Aunt, getting a full turkey from rations, and Stostny's group having a dog.



Pfc Robert D Davis 1810714

CoE, Det, I7E3, 3rd, ECA

APO 658

‘So Postmaster NY NY


Mrs. R L Davis

1619 Boston

Muskogee, Oklahoma

New Years



1st. January, 1944


Dear Folks,

We had a very pleasant New Year’s Eve, and morning, spiced with not a little action. Last night around midnite we had a “fireworks” display of Ack-Ack against a few flying bombs being sent over. 2t was the ?? time 2’d seen any- very well. These were up at a terrific altitude, only small little points of light-starlike in magnitude- moving very slowly on the wicked journey. The officers gave us 1qt. gin and a quart of champagne- so we had plenty to drink. It was a good champagne too; Mumm’s Gordon Rouge.

This morning, after breakfast, things really started with a bang. Enemy planes came over and they were throwing all kind of shell at them. Within 30 min. 3 planes had been shot down; the last one in flame, and tearing along barely over the roof tape, went by about a block from our house. You could see it very clearly, a Focke-Wulf 190. It crashed in a few blocks distance. When all the Ack-Ack gets going- their tracers look like Roman candles.

Got my 1st mail yesterday: a letter from Aunt Mattie and a box from her: soap, cigarettes, a little note book, and a wash-rag: All of which I can use now. No more mail, except an x-mas card from France; so he finally is getting to use his German.

Yesterday Lapan-my buddy- and I went down to draw rations and they gave us a complete turkey. We handed it over to the cook, who is going all out again in a mysterious way for tonite’s supper. So we are groaningly and happily anticipating another gigantic spl splurge this evening.

Oh yes! Remember me telling you Stostny’s group had a dog? So does this one, a German police puppy: 3 mos old, named Major.

Love, Bob

Letter from Germany, 1944 January 01

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