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Letter from Catherine Ross Compton Chase, typewritten and dated September 26, 2000. There is a black and white drawing of a house/cabin at the top of the first page, with "Chase Rd." written underneath. This letter references a photograph of Otelia A. Compton with her grandchildren, which can be found in the Photographs collection, titled, "Photograph of Otelia A. Compton with Grandchildren in 1939". For more details, please read the letter's transcription and refer to the photograph.


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Copy for Special Collections

September 26, 2000

Dear Annie, Holly, Casey, Nancy and Wilson, Ross and Peter and Cara, and Cici, Helen, Sherret, Compton and Alice, and Robby = for your family,

This last summer, I took out the large scrap book of the American Mother Award given to your Grandmother, Otelia Catherine Augsurger Compton in 1939 by the Golden Rule Foundation in New York City. It is in rather poor shape, many of the pages being loose, and it seems obvious that if it is to continue to be of use and of value, it should be in the Special Collection of the papers of the Elias Compton family at the Andrews Library at the College of Wooster. I have had these several pages copied for each of our families, and then I have sent the books to Wooster, to Denise Monbarren who is in charge of the Special Collections for Andrews Library. I hope you will find them of interest and save them for your own special collection of papers.

These are surely period pieces in their own right. And the larger mythological painting which hung over Grandmother and Grandfather Compton’s mantel piece was probably the most colorful piece in the entire house and set a wonderful tone! It was of Apollo in his chariot and the Sun, and I have no idea of whatever happened to that picture which was so important to my grandparents. It was purchased on their trip around the world in 1926-27. I know that we do not have it. However, this picture hung over the mantel of their library in the House on College Avenue in which the Elias Compton family lived and all four of their children grew up. It has belonged to the College of Wooster since Aunt Mary’s death in 1961. Actually, Grandfather left the house to the College at the time of his death in 1938 but with life use for Grandmother and for Aunt Mary and Uncle Herbert for as long as they lived.

You children knew it when Aunt Honey lived in it for several years after she moved to Wooster after she and Uncle Bob Graham were

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divorced and before she later moved to Santa FE, New Mexico where she now lives.

I have included a copy of the special letter from Cousin Peter B Holly who was a lawyer and lived with his sister, Elese Holly, in Hamilton, Ohio for many years. And they were wonderful friends of my parents, your grandparents, and of ours for as long as they lived. It was through them that really, their nephew, Peter Rapp, sold the original Holly portraits to my parents in early 1940, and have the originals, but each of you grandchildren have your own portrait copies, thanks to your grandmother, Helen Harrington Compton.

Now, look at these pictures of Arthur Allen Compton and Wilson M. Compton Jr. with their Grandmother Otelia Catherine Augspurger Compton taken in 1939! In the year of 2000, Wilson M. Compton III looks so much like his father, even to the shape of his head and to his physical build!! Incredible and wonderful!!

Then here is a picture of the 1936 Ford Model A given to my grandmother in 1936 by my parents after Grandmother learned to drive at the age of 72! Doesn’t she look confident!! And she was.

Enjoy and be proud of your heritage! And know that we have a wonderful responsibility to “do for others than only self.”

Much love,

[signature of Catherine Ross Compton Chase]

(Catherine Ross Compton Chase)

[cursive reading “Aunt Kerry”]

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Letter from Catherine R. Compton Chase from September 26th, 2000