Submissions from 2015


Braid computations for the crossing number of Klein links, Michael Bush, Danielle Shepherd, Joseph Smith, Sarah Smith-Polderman, Jennifer Bowen, and John Ramsay

Submissions from 2012

Rider Transposon Insertion and Phenotypic Change in Tomato, N. Jiang, Sofia Visa, S. Wu, and E. VanDerKnaap

Interdisciplinary Teaching and Research at a Liberal Arts College on Computational Biology, Sofia Visa, Stephanie Strand, R. Drew Pasteur, and William Morgan

Submissions from 2011

Fuzzy Classifier for Classification of Medical Data, A. Ali, S. M. Shamsuddin, A. L. Ralescu, and Sofia Visa

Fuzzy Classifiers - Opportunities and Challenges, A. Ralescu and Sofia Visa

Learning Morphological Data of Tomato Fruits, Joshua C. Thomas, Matthew Lambert, Benn Snyder, Michael C. Janning, Jacob Haning, Yanglong Hu, Mohammad Ahmad, and Sofia Visa

The Effect of Class Imbalance, Complexity, Size, and Learning Distribution on Classifier Performance, Sofia Visa

Confusion Matrix-Based Feature Selection, Sofia Visa, B. Ramsay, A. Ralescu, and E. VanDerKnaap

Submissions from 2010

A Stochastic Treatment of Similarity, A. Ralescu, Sofia Visa, and S. Popovici